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We're Not Insurrectionists, Gabby

By Lee Williams. Sept 17, 2021

For American gun owners, one of the major problems with the legacy media controlling the national narrative is that their fellow leftists are never held accountable for what they say, regardless of how libelous, insulting and flat-out wrong their comments are [...]



2021 Gun Rights Policy Conference - Online Sept 25-26th

From JPFO. Sept 15, 2021

The Second Amendment Foundation invites run rights activists across the country to participate in the 36th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, which, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, will once again be a virtual event held online Sept. 25 and 26 [...]



Which Weapons Are Most Commonly Used for Homicides?

From JPFO. Sept 14, 2021

The above image is the start of a large detailed and expandable infographic compiled from 2019 FBI data, comparing figures for different weapons' usage in homicides, including a "by state" analysis. It shows how the much condemned rifles feature very low compared with [...]



Debate Over Immigrants' Gun Rights Ignites In 2nd Circ. Case

By Marco Poggio. Sept 12, 2021

As he walked down a Brooklyn block with a loaded gun in his hand on a dry, hot summer evening in 2016, Javier Perez didn't know he was about to trigger a constitutional dilemma. Seeing a group of youths assaulting a boy from a rival gang with bats and machetes, Perez did what he thought [...]



Hoplophobia: The Four Types of Gun Phobia

By William Barclay Masterson. Sept 10, 2021

Common phobic responses including hoplophobia (a term Marine Col. Jeff Cooper said he first coined in1966), the morbid, irrational fear of weapons, firearms, guns, knives, military, police, legally armed law-abiding citizens, etc., are usually viewed as learned behavioral responses. Bad learning. Not useful. [...]



NICS: Gun Sales for August, 2021

By Dean Weingarten.Sept 8, 2021

In August of 2021, National Instant Background Check System (NICS) and the associated gun sales are at high levels, but not as high as the record sales in 2020. The August sales of 2021 are the second highest on record, as were the July sales in 2021 [...]



Do 2A Sanctuary Laws Really Carry Any Weight?

By Emily Taylor. Sept 7, 2021

The number of states declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries is on the rise. This means a question asked with increasing frequency is coming to the forefront: Is the decision to make states "sanctuaries" legally binding, or does it only lip service to the gun rights [...]


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