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Gun grabber -
"It's wrong to shoot a home invader"!
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Gun grabber -
"It's wrong to shoot a home invader"!

By Vicki Batts. August 11th, 2018

Gun control activists took to the streets for the "March on the NRA" recently. The August 4th protest took place in Fairfax, VA, just outside of the NRA's headquarters. Their rallying cries included calls to dismantle the Second Amendment and ban "fully semiautomatic weapons," and chants of "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

Some were simply supporters of stricter gun laws, but others believe that American citizens should have their right to bear arms stripped away entirely. One protester, identified as "Amy," told the National Rifle Association's camera crew that she supported a full repeal of the Second Amendment, and stated she "did not think civilians need guns at all."

Another gun-grabber declared that people shouldn't have the right to defend themselves and their families against home intruders. .......

It is tempting to wonder whether such people are for real but sadly they are and exist in significant numbers. Their lack of grasp on reality is astounding with apparently no appreciation for the dangers of the (frequently) armed criminal, who would of course celebrate if there were no guns in people's homes. It has to be wondered how these "ban-'em-all" groups would disarm the criminals and also how they would react to an actual as against imagined armed intrusion with no means of self defense - presumably place a 'welcome mat' for the intruder as they plead for mercy.

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