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Bigotry Against Gun Owners,
and why guns are not like cars
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By Rob Morse. December 4th, 2016
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Big city socialists are waging a propaganda war against honest gun owners. One of the myths they frequently roll out is that “We don’t regulate guns.” The person who makes a statement like that either has never been anywhere near the firearms industry, or they are a paid liar. I’ve owned both cars and guns, so let’s compare and see if we really regulate guns anywhere like the way we regulate motor vehicles.

Is this responsible regulation, or is it anti-rights bigotry? I use this humorous comparison to illustrate the serious discrimination faced by firearms owners today. .......

Despite Rob's approach here being ostensibly a humerous one, it is none the less an interesting and useful reflection on the comparisons. It highlights the bigotry we see all too often whereby the honest and law abiding gun owner breaks no rules and yet, is castigated for crimes not committed. Let's just concentrate on the bad guys eh?!

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