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Project ChildSafe Yields 55% Reduction in Child Gun Fatalities

By Larry Keane. August 11, 2020

Project ChildSafe, an NSSF program, is the leader in promoting safe firearm handling and storage. The program's efforts are making a difference. Not only are unintentional firearm fatalities at an all-time low [...]



Prosecutorial Misconduct Over McCloskey Self Defense

By Dean Weingarten. August 11, 2020

Christine Byers of KSDK in Missouri has uncovered evidence of prosecutorial misconduct by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office. Kim is one of the radical prosecutors who has been elected with money from [...]



In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard (Revisited)

By Claire Wolfe. August 23rd 2014

Aaron Zelman, JPFO's late, great founder, was a man of uncompromising principles. He wouldn't have yielded a millimeter on some things.... One of the things that made Aaron a great, effective fanatic was his willingness to listen and change [...]



Government Cannot Protect You! You Must Protect Yourself!

By Roger Katz. August 06, 2020

.... I have dedicated my life to the preservation and strengthening of our cherished Second Amendment. This is no easy task, especially today, as we see constant, concerted, vigorous attacks on the fundamental right [...]



'Gun-Control' Fails Again, same lie, different day

By Rob Morse. August 05, 2020

The propaganda of 'Gun-Control' just got harder. Millions of honest citizens in the USA saw pictures of our inner cities in flames. They heard rioters say they wanted to spread that violence across the country [...]



How The Media Lies About Guns

By Tom Knighton. August 03, 2020

The fact that the media is biased against guns isn't really a surprising fact. Anyone who watches the news in the aftermath of a mass shooting should be able to see it for themselves. Anti-gun voices are interviewed frequently and without any pushback. [...]


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