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2A support? - 100%.
Guns? Well, they're OK!
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2A support? - 100%.
Guns? Well, they're OK!

An Opinion By Bart Stinson, Guest Contributor. September 20th, 2017

I’m not a hunter. I haven’t owned bird dogs since I was 14, when we gave Brutus and Queenie away and moved to a big city.

Nor am I fascinated by guns. You pull the trigger and a bullet comes out the other end, and that pretty much satisfies my curiosity. Going out in the country to shoot at cans or paper targets is not my idea of fun.

But politically, I’m usually the most pro-gun person in the room.

I won’t tell you whether I have guns in my house, or how many, because it’s none of your business and — more to the point — it’s none of the government’s business. I believe, as a wise bumper sticker says, that the Second Amendment is my gun permit. I don’t need a clerk’s or police department’s approval to exercise my Constitutional freedoms. .......

Here we see an interesting apparent disparity - on the one hand we realize that the author is a total defender of the Second Amendment - and yet, he admits he does not profess to be a firearms enthusiast per se. Overall these are not differences that really matter, as, the really important aspect for sure is the support of the 2A. The defense of the right is way more important than having to be heavily into guns!

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