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'Gun Control' Grinches Hijacking
Holidays with 2020 War Cries
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'Gun Control' Grinches Hijacking
Holidays with 2020 War Cries

By Dave Workman. December 10, 2019

Uniformly characterizing themselves as concerned citizens working together "to end gun violence," gun prohibition lobbying groups from the Commonwealth of Virginia to the Cascades of Washington and Oregon are using the holidays to raise funds for what promises to be a combative new year in their efforts to reduce the right to keep and bear arms to a government-regulated privilege.

At least, that's how Second Amendment activists from the Potomac River to Puget Sound and Portland look at it, and they only need point to the proposed agendas of organizations including anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety to Seattle's Alliance for Gun Responsibility and Portland's Lift Every Voice Oregon for proof. The latter group, a self-described "coalition of faith-based communities" has just launched a new effort to regulate so-called "assault-style weapons," according to KGW News.

The report says this group "will embark on a two-pronged initiative effort targeting the sale of assault-style rifles and magazine sizes. If successful, they would be on the November 2020 ballot." .....

"The next 11 months leading up to the 2020 elections will be politically brutal, that much appears certain. Gun rights activists seem at times to be fighting an uphill battle in their efforts to rouse gun owners out of their lethargy."

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