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Prediction: More Guns, Less Suicide
During Current Administration
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Prediction: More Guns, Less Suicide
During Current Administration

By Dean Weingarten. July 17th, 2018
Original Source

On the chart, 0 is 0% 1 is 100%, 1 is 1 firearm per capita

There have been a number of recent opinion articles that attempted to create a linkage between firearms in society and the rate of suicides in society. The opinion articles contain explicit calls for more regulation of firearms, even though most of the policy prescriptions would have no effect on suicides.

Banning or restriction semi-automatic firearms? Suicides only need a single shot.

Banning or restricting magazine capacity? Suicides only need one shot. Magazines are superfluous to suicide.

Reducing the age of sale for semi-automatic rifles? The same lack of logic applies.

The general argument that more guns result in more suicides is false. .......

Despite the continued trend towards increased gun ownership, suicides would appear to be decreasing. Two factors seem to be in play - one is that with much greater support currently for the military and vets, there is an improvement in optimism and less suicide-inducing depression. Secondly, despite the anti-gun lobby always wanting to blame firearms for suicides, drug overdose is but one unfortunate possible alternative.

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