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Answers to Payson Bill of Rights Day Quiz

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1. b) Patrick Henry;

2. c) Ten;

3. d) Wrong or mistaken meaning or misunderstanding;

4. c) Doing or causing evil;

5. a) The Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights;

6. d) All of the above;

7. c) Five - f) 1, 2, 4, 9, 10;

8. d) Individual American citizens;

9. b) The right to a trial by jury;

10. c) The listing;

11. b) Well-trained and properly equipped;

12. d) All of the above;

13. e) Sheltered and housed;

14. a) Self-incrimination.

15. c) Saved for or delegated to exclusively.

16. a) Good reason for assuming that a criminal charge has sufficient evidence.

17. e) None of the above.

18. b) A process of law in its regular course of administration through courts of justice.

19. c) Congress isn’t allowed to set up a state religion.

20. a) Violated, intruded, taken away or encroached upon.

21. b) Declare of lower or lesser value.

22. d) Civil law suits.

23. e) State that the powers of the federal government are strictly limited to those stated in the Constitution.

24. b) Danger of losing one’s life or a danger to one’s body.

25. b) Each, individually.

26. e) All of the above except “d.”

27. c) Petition the government for redress of grievances.

28. b) No one can have his lawfully owned property taken away without due process of law.

29. d) December 15th, 1791.

30. a) To set right, remedy, repair.

31. c ) Our Bill of Rights is a list of individual rights that no government has the right to take away from free citizens. d) In the Declaration of Independence it is stated that “inalienable” rights come from our “Divine Creator,” and among those are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

32. e) Cannot be given away or taken away.

33. aa) All of the above.

34. (mislabeled as 31) e. All of the above.

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