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If you have been wondering whether to get and read the new book, Dial 911 and Die, would it help to know that two nationally-known doctors have "prescribed" the book? Here’s what they say:


For those good-hearted citizens who believe the police shouldand will protect them and their families, Dial 911 and Die is a sobering heads-up. Nowhere in our nation do the police have the duty or the capability to protect most of Americans. Dial 911 and Die documents the case law and statutes that drive home that we are responsible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Edgar A. Suter, MD
National Chair, Doctors for Integrity in Policy Research Inc.
(http://www.dipr.org). (Link appears to have expired).


Dial 911 and Die is a book that will open your eyes -- and possibly even save your life, or the life of someone you love. It should be required reading for anyone who doesn’t realize that he has primary, if not sole, responsibility for protecting and defending himself.

Dial 911 and Die presents a compelling argument for restoring the individual right of self-defense. But it’s also a compelling argument for reforming, if not revoking, the legal doctrines of "sovereign immunity" and "public duty", or for privatizing emergency services.

While government has no duty to protect people, or even to prevent crime and apprehend criminals, it has arrogated to itself the power to disarm them.

Isn’t it interesting that a person is a "responsible citizen" if he keeps a cell phone, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit handy, but is presumed to be a criminal if he keeps a loaded firearm available for self-defense?

Buy this book for friends and relatives who still believe the police will protect them. If it saves just one life, it’s worth it!

Sarah Thompson, MD
author and liberty activist
(http://www.therighter.com). (Appears domain exists but no site right now)


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