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2023 Alerts

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2023 Alerts

Jan 27th 2023   Get Ready For Another Cynical, Useless, Dem 'Gun-Control' Push

Jan 25th 2023   CA Shootings Open Gate For 'Gun Control' Rhetoric

Jan 24th 2023   Correia: The Fuddy, Self-Righteous, Guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee Contingent Are Dying Off

Jan 23rd 2023   AmmoLand Cited in DC Mass Transportation Second Amendment Case

Jan 20th 2023   What Supreme Court's Order To NY State In Antonyuk vs Nigrelli Really Means

Jan 18th 2023   The Shtetl Mentality

Jan 17th 2023   Justices Warn NY Carry Restrictions Raise 'Serious' Questions

Jan 16th 2023   Emotions, Police Chiefs, and Celebrity Murders

Jan 13th 2023   What the News Can't Tell Us About Armed Defense, Shootings, and Gunfights

Jan 11th 2023   3rd Circuit Considers Whether Nonviolent Crimes Justify the Loss of 2A Rights

Jan 10th 2023   DOJ Angers 'Gun Control' Allies by Truthfully Admitting NICS Can't Stop Violent Criminals

Jan 9th 2023   2023 Media Profit Center: A Seminar for Calculating Psychopathic Killers

Jan 6th 2023   Ryan Busse, Corporate Hypocrite, Should Give Up His Guns First

Jan 4th 2023   Second Amendment Liberty's Most Essential Safeguard 200 Years Later

Jan 3rd 2023   The Case Of The Dueling Attorneys General

Jan 2nd 2023   Beware Scam gun sales sites


(We will temporarily keep the last months of 2022 available)

Dec 30th 2022   A JPFO Follower's Reflections

Dec 28th 2022   The Case for Safety in the Synagogue

Dec 27th 2022   Topping Gun News In 2022: SCOTUS Nullifies 'Good Cause' Restriction

Dec 26th 2022   Close Dark Fast

Dec 23rd 2022   Texas School District Moves to Train More Staff to be Armed for Defense

Dec 21st 2022   The CDC Caving to Anti-gun Groups Defines Corruption

Dec 20th 2022   Incrementalism in Action: Anti-Gun Governor Targets Lawfully Registered Firearms for Seizure

Dec 19th 2022   Mayors on 'Gun Control' Letter Have One Big Thing in Common

Dec 16th 2022   Another Shooting Illustrates Uptick In Defensive Gun Use

Dec 15th 2022   Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

Dec 14th 2022   Did the Fourteenth Amendment Alter the Meaning of the Second Amendment?

Dec 13th 2022   America's Rifle, the AR-15 Is Protected by the Second Amendment

Dec 12th 2022   Grassroots Update—December 12, 2022

Dec 9th 2022   Who Wants to Tell CA AG that Access to 'Weapons of War' as a Check Against Tyranny is a Core Tenet of the 2A?

Dec 7th 2022   'Progressive' Bank Developing 'Department of Precrime' 'Snitchware' on Gun Owners

Dec 6th 2022   President Biden Wants to Ban 'Semiautomatic Weapons'? Dream On

Dec 5th 2022   Senator Group Wants Government Agencies to Enact 'Gun Control'

Dec 2nd 2022   Poll: Majority Approve of Pro-Gun Supreme Court Ruling

Nov 30th 2022   Harsanyi: We don't need Biden's permission to own semi-autos

Nov 29th 2022   Fed Law Banning Gun Possession because of Restraining Order is Unconstitutional under 2A

Nov 28th 2022   Bans on "Assault" Weapons Do Not Reduce Crime

Nov 25th 2022   Judge blocks NY restrictions on guns on private property

Nov 23rd 2022   How Many Psychopaths Is America Coping With?

Nov 22nd 2022   Gallup Poll Shows Less Support For Stricter Gun Laws

Nov 21st 2022   Two Americas: Iowa and Oregon Head in Different Directions on Gun Rights

Nov 18th 2022   Biden Serious About Banning "America's Rifle"

Nov 16th 2022   Dangerous use of Serial Numbers found Unconstitutional

Nov 15th 2022   Deadly Consequences Of Believing 'Gun Control' Will Work

Nov 14th 2022   Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day

Nov 11th 2022   Judge Accepts Biden Admin's Dubious Argument for Banning Gun Possession by Marijuana Users

Nov 9th 2022   Federal Court: New York Gun Law Unconstitutional

Nov 8th 2022   Why 'gun control' politics aren't doing well

Nov 7th 2022   NYS Jewish Gun Club's scathing response to non-action of court

Nov 4th 2022   New Landmark Study Says More Guns Don't Cause More Crime

Nov 2nd 2022   New Gun Owners are Invisible to the News Media and Democrat Politicians

Nov 1st 2022   Poll Shows Iowa "Keep and Bear Arms" Amendment will pass on November 8, 2022

Oct 31st 2022   America doesn't have a gun problem--it has a homicidal-maniac problem

Oct 28th 2022   Grooming Gun Phobia

Oct 26th 2022   Federal Court Rules: Federal Law Making Serialized Guns a Crime Unconstitutional

Oct 25th 2022   Opinion: 'Gun control' and the right to self-defense in a Culture of Death

Oct 24th 2022   Media Reports Suggest 'Gun Control' Crowd Faces Big Post-Bruen Woes

Oct 21st 2022   More Guns, Same Amount of Crime?

Oct 19th 2022   NYC Defies SCOTUS, Creates Times Square "Gun-Free Zone"

Oct 18th 2022   Cars Cause Crime Like Flies Cause Garbage

Oct 17th 2022   Most Gun Reporting is a Misinformation Campaign!

Oct 14th 2022   Get Out Of The 2A Box . . . Now!

Oct 12th 2022   The Truth About Michael Bloomberg's Militia Fetish

Oct 11th 2022   FBI Undercounts Armed Citizen Intervention v. Active Shooters

Oct 10th 2022   Gun "Buyback" success: Man Prints 110 guns, Obtains $21,000 dollars from NY AG

Oct 7th 2022   Judge Rules Most of New NY Gun Law Is Unconstitutional, Issues TRO

Oct 5th 2022   Federal Court: ATF Overstepped Authority with "Final Rule", Denies ATF Motion for "Clarification"

Oct 4th 2022   Manipulated Public Opinion Polling Should Not Drive Public Policy on Guns

Oct 3rd 2022   Controlling Our Fear


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