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2018 Alerts

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2018 Alerts

March 23rd2018   "A Solemn Pledge to Stop Encouraging Copycat Murders"

March 22nd2018   An open letter to America's news-media leaders:

March 21st 2018   'Fisking' Dianne Feinstein's Gun Control Op-Ed

March 20th 2018   Advice from a Russian: Never Give Up Your Guns

March 19th 2018   Stop Disarming Willing Teachers

March 16th 2018   John Lott on Guns at School

March 14th 2018   Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership on Extreme Risk Protection Orders

March 13th 2018   Questions and Answers about Arming Teachers

March 12th 2018   America's Founders Didn't Intend Weak Weapons

March 9th 2018   Addressing school mass murders

March 7th 2018   Armed School Staff are the Last Responders

March 6th 2018   Mugging victim - glad he didn't have a gun!

March 5th 2018   New Logo for Civil-Rights Group

March 2nd 2018   Representative Massie Proposes Repeal of Gun-Free School Zone Act

February 28th 2018   Australia had no School Shootings Before Extreme Gun Restrictions

February 27th 2018   We Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools

February 26th 2018   There is No Surprise in Fl Mass Murder

February 23rd 2018   School murders and guns - a personal view

February 21st 2018   School Safety and the Placebo of Gun Control

February 20th 2018   There's a Way to Stop Mass Shootings, and You Won't Like It

February 19th 2018   Mass Media Complicit in Fl Mass Murder

February 16th 2018   Who is to Blame for School Shootings?

February 14th 2018   Anti-Background Check New York Times' Editorial is a Dangerous Damp Squib

February 13th 2018   Iowa Constitution Amendment to Protect Right to Arms Passes Committee

February 12th 2018   Illinois Supreme Court Rules ban on Guns within 1000 feet of Parks Unconstitutional

February 9th 2018   Left's Lie - No, you can't buy "automatic weapons" at a gun show

February 7th 2018   New York CCW Law Faces Legal Challenge

February 6th 2018   Hawaii continues it's assault against the 2A

February 5th 2018   The Washington Post Ignores Right to Bear Arms

February 2nd 2018   Media Fearmongers Over Utah's 'Stand Your Ground' Proposal

February 1st 2018   Promises "Totally" Made. Promises "Totally" Kept?

January 31st 2018   Taran Tactical Sponsored Shooter: "Gov't Should Take Away Our Guns to Make Us Safer"

January 30th 2018   Justifiable Homicides are Counted as Murder under the Felony Murder Rule

January 29th 2018   Know Your Backstop, Parma Man Accidentally Shot from Half Mile Away

January 26th 2018   Bump Stock Ban Dies In This State's House Subcommittee

January 24th 2018   Firearms - Security, Theft and Safety

January 23rd 2018   Gun parts confiscation begins in Massachusetts

January 22nd 2018   AL: Constitutional Carry on the Move

January 19th 2018   Politico: Don't Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings. Blame "Toxic Masculinity"

January 17th 2018   The Stupidity Of Internet Know-It-Alls

January 16th 2018   ATF Arrests for 2014,2015,2016; Four Crimes, Tiny Numbers

January 15th 2018   NJ Moves To Make Gun Buyback Events MANDATORY

January 12th 2018   Memorial to Mass Murder Encourages Copycats

January 10th 2018   The Leftist Obsession With 'Smart Guns'

January 9th 2018   KY: Bowling Green Eliminates Gun Ban in City Buildings

January 8th 2018   Why Warning Shots Are Such a Bad Idea

January 5th 2018   Dems learn it's harder to buy guns illegally online than they thought

January 3rd 2018   Shooting Down Fake News About Guns

January 2nd 2018   Second Amendment rights disqualifier overturned

In the short term we will keep the late 2017 alerts here for reference.

December 29th 2017   When do we Talk About Politics and Guns?

December 28th 2017   Dem Commissioner calls for deploying UN troops on the streets of America

December 27th 2017   Coming up in the next Sentinel

December 26th 2017   Why Is It Comedians Think They're So Intelligent?

December 22nd 2017   Why Does Organized Medicine Hate Guns?

December 20th 2017   Junk Science: "Surge" of Accidental Gun Deaths After Sandy Hook

December 19th 2017   The Concealed vs. Open Carry 'Debate'

December 18th 2017   Not a Gunfighter, but a Defender- the changing face of gun culture

December 15th 2017   Celebrating Bill of Rights Day, Dec 15th

December 13th 2017   Some of 2017's ridiculous anti-gun moments

December 12th 2017   National Reciprocity Could Be the Biggest Boon to US Gun Rights

December 11th 2017   Mass Murder Limited By Legal Gun Owners

December 8th 2017   Pain therapy or self defense. A stark choice

December 6th 2017   The Power of Information and Perils of Registry

December 5th 2017   Student challenges no guns on campus

December 4th 2017   CCW Reciprocity approved by House panel

December 1st 2017   Hawaii - medical mariujana, no guns

November 29th 2017   More media 'fake news' about guns

November 28th 2017   SCOTUS Refuses Two Gun Cases

November 27th 2017   An anti ''assault'' broken record

November 24th 2017   Gun control zealots show firearms ignorance

November 22nd 2017   Semi-Auto Rifles: Common for 100 Years yet Mass Shooters are NOT

November 21st 2017   Op Ed shows how little gun grabbers understand 2A text

November 20th 2017   "Don't Fix NICS Background Check System!"

November 17th 2017   Winning the Gun Control Debate in Favor of Guns

November 15th 2017   Background Check System A Complete Mess

November 14th 2017   Boston Globe Calls For Gun Confiscation

November 13th 2017   Forming a Church Safety Team

November 10th 2017   Sympathies for the anti-gun freaks

November 9th 2017   Is Kristallnacht Deceptive?

November 8th 2017   Gun Control Failed Again at the First Baptist Church

November 7th 2017   Shannon Watts Claims There's No Background Checks For Long Guns In Texas

November 6th 2017   The State of Concealed and Open Carry in Churches

November 3rd 2017   York PA. The gun "buyback" farce

November 1st 2017   Gun Tracing Revisited



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