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2021 Alerts

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2021 Alerts

January 22nd 2021   The Presidential Campaign Demonstrated a Need

January 20th 2021   ATF and the Pistol Brace Debacle

January 19th 2021   NE Govr: No Problem with Open Carry at Protests. 2A Rights Prevail

January 18th 2021   No, The Storming of the Capitol Wasn't a 'Gun Control' Success Story

January 15th 2021   Opinion: Our Bill of Rights: 2nd Amendment

January 14th 2021   The Passing of Sheldon Adelson

January 13th 2021   H.R. 225 Bill Addressing Interstate Firearm Transportation Introduced

January 12th 2021   The American Gun Pledge

January 11th 2021   Get Ready for the Biden Administration's Assault on Gun Makers

January 7th 2021   What Does Merrick Garland Think About The 2A?

January 6th 2021   The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Is Long Overdue

January 5th 2021   Need Another Reason to Carry? Arrests With Convictions - Just 2% of Major Crimes

January 4th 2021   Draconian Anti-2A Restrictions Set To Go Into Effect in Virginia

January 1st 2021   One Year After Attack, Jewish Community Embraces Self-Defense


Late 2020 Alerts

December 30th 2020   Historic Leaders Understood Second Amendment's Importance

December 29th 2020   There is Nothing Wrong With Clinging to Your Values, and Your Property

December 28th 2020   Two Words

December 24th 2020   ATF Rules Capricious, Arbitrary, Political, and Stupid

December 23rd 2020   21 Democrats Demand They, and all Members of Congress be Disarmed

December 22nd 2020   Stability in a Sea of Chaos

December 21st 2020   FDR's 'Second Bill of Rights' and UN Declaration Show How 'Progressives' View You

December 18th 2020   We need honest debate and rigorous research on 'gun control'

December 16th 2020   The Second Amendment: When Government Tries to Ration our Rights

December 15th 2020   Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

December 14th 2020   Failed 'Gun Control' Lessons From the Firearms Black Market

December 11th 2020   Biden Aide Promises "Big, Bold" Executive Actions On Guns

December 9th 2020   Houston: Carry Signage and 1st Amendment Lawsuit

December 8th 2020   Gun Safety: Are Negligent Discharges Inevitable?

December 7th 2020   Mexico Proves More 'Gun Control' Does Not Mean Less Crime

December 4th 2020   Disarmed But Not Dangerous

December 2nd 2020   Gun Prohibitionists Exploiting Suicide to Advance Disarmament Agenda

December 1st 2020   U.S. Ammo Market, Production Status?

November 30th 2020   Confiscation Clock 1 Minute Closer to Midnite

November 27th 2020   'Safety' Tips from Gun Prohibitionists Have Hidden Agenda

November 25th 2020   MI: Gun Turn-in Upstaged by Private Buyers

November 24th 2020   How Many Members Of Congress Are Armed On The Job?

November 23rd 2020   Executive Orders That 'Gun Control' Groups Want Biden To Enact

November 20th 2020   Proposed Anti-Mob Legislation: Much Needed Reform

November 18th 2020   Virginia Laws That Don't Stop Gun Violence!? Get Thumbs Up from Northam & Giffords

November 17th 2020   Many Reasons Why Biden's Gun Ban Is Unworkable

November 16th 2020   Support For New 'Gun Control' Laws Lowest Since 2016

November 13th 2020   Removing the 'Gun Control' Agenda from EVERY Major American Political Party

November 11th 2020   The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

November 10th 2020   Gun Owners Rightly Concerned About Biden's Proposals

November 9th 2020   Anniversary of Kristallnacht

November 6th 2020   2x Children Die From Glass Tabletop Accidents as Gun Accidents

November 4th 2020   Black Robes Matter.. and the 2020 Election

November 3rd 2020   New Lawsuit Challenging NJ Handgun Carry Ban

November 2nd 2020   New Law Sets Gun Control to Autopilot in California

October 30th 2020   Opinion: Protecting Gun Rights Does Not Make Communities Less Safe

October 29th 2020   An Open Letter To America From JPFO

October 28th 2020   Barrett Confirmation Means We'll See If Gun Prohibitionists Were Right to Worry

October 27th 2020   "Just shoot him in the leg"

October 26th 2020   Ninth Circuit District Judge - Superbly Argued Court Order

October 23rd 2020   Gun Ownership Double Standard

October 21st 2020   Law Professors Make Case for 2A Rights in Uncertain Times

October 20th 2020   80% Silencers, the Political Ramifications

October 19th 2020   Opinion. Second Amendment: What Are The Facts?

October 16th 2020   Follow the Law

October 14th 2020   Gun Sales and Private Ownership

October 13th 2020   NICS Needs To Be Fixed

October 12th 2020   ATF Issues Cease and Desist to Q, LLC - Honey Badger Pistol

October 9th 2020   CA Sues to Force Feds to Violate Second Amendment

October 7th 2020   Democrat's Plan: Make America a Gun-Free Zone

October 6th 2020   The Right to Armed Self-Defense in the Light of Law Enforcement Abdication

October 5th 2020   Rx for Firearms Freedom, Firearms Research Data

October 2nd 2020   Newsom Signs Microstamping Bill


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