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2013 Alerts
July - December

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2013 Alerts (For earlier 2013 alerts go to the January thru June 2013 page.)

December 31st 2013   Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control

December 30th 2013   The "gun show loophole" and universal background check lies, debunked

December 29th 2013   Get your year-end tax deduction

December 28th 2013   Nazi survivor's warning to Americans: 'Keep your guns and buy more guns'

December 27th 2013   How the ATF Manufactures Crime

December 26th 2013   Just a pre-New Year's 'Nudge'

December 24th 2013   Proposed Law Would Force Parents to Disclose Gun Ownership to School District

December 23rd 2013   How Do We Know Guns Save Lives?

December 21st 2013   You Can't Cure "Stupid."

December 20th 2013   Interview with Guy Smith of Gun Facts - sound file

December 19th 2013   Second Amendment Resurgence

December 18th 2013   Bad Colonel! No Eagles!

December 17th 2013   Why Good People Should Be Armed - video

December 16th 2013   Perhaps the best 2nd Amendment speech ever - video and transcript

December 15th 2013   Gun Control in the Third Reich - a new book

December 14th 2013   From Sandy Hook to Malpractice?

December 13th 2013   The "Economics" Of Individual Liberty And The Second Amendment

December 12th 2013   Did Jews Go Like Sheep to the Slaughter?

December 11th 2013   IRS staring you in the face?: Get your year-end tax deduction here!

December 10th 2013   Concealed Carry Permits On The Rise (ID)

December 9th 2013   NY, NJ clergymen to lobby European gun makers to toughen rules for U.S. sales

December 8th 2013   Happy 222nd Birthday, Bill Of Rights

December 7th 2013   Book Offer: Gun Control in the Third Reich

December 6th 2013   Military officer calls for nationwide gun-grab

December 5th 2013   Your Rights: They're for EVERY Day of the Year

December 4th 2013   Activist challenges Phoenix in court over refusal to run 'Guns Save Lives' ads

December 3rd 2013   Apparent Hoax: The NYC Gun Grab

December 3rd 2013   Sheriff's Department hired officers with histories of misconduct

December 2nd 2013   New York City Follows Nazi Pattern of Gun Confiscation

December 1st 2013   The International Small Arms Control Standard:The Next Step of the UN Gun Ban

November 30th 2013   Strange and deceitful new anti-gun tactic

November 29th 2013   More Obama Anti-Gun Regulation

November 27th 2013   A debate on the modern validity of the 2A - video content

November 26th 2013   If Gun Controllers Read The Other Amendments Like They Do The 2nd

November 25th 2013   Holiday Membership Special: New or Renew. More for you!

November 24th 2013   Barack Obama's Gun Control Record Revealed

November 23rd 2013   Kiss your gun goodbye?

November 22nd 2013   The Larger the Citizen, the Smaller the State

November 20th 2013   It's the end of the primary lead smelter in Herculaneum (and I feel fine)

November 19th 2013   Man plans to bring free shotgun project to Indy

November 18th 2013   Anti-Gun NYC Chief Wants 6 Armed Detectives For Protection When He Leaves Office

November 17th 2013   Texas A&M Law Professor: Time 'to Repeal and Replace Second Amendment'

November 15th 2013   Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly Launch Veterans Group for Gun Control

November 14th 2013   Oro Valley mayor Hiremath resigns from anti-illegal gun group

November 13th 2013   Massachusetts Town Wants to Raid Homes for Legal Firearms

November 12th 2013   Violent side effects of antidepressants

November 11th 2013   Shootings are not just about weapons

November 10th 2013   Lessons from the Krick's Korner Robbery

November 9th 2013   Your Feelings About Guns

November 8th 2013   Gun Control Hurts People

November 7th 2013   Yes, it can happen here

November 6th 2013   Fed Judges Can't Touch Chicago Political Machine

November 5th 2013   Guns aren't dangerous or racist

November 4th 2013   Florida Sheriff Nick Finch Vindicated

November 2nd 2013   Back Door Gun Control Moves Forward

November 1st 2013   Is healthcare.gov a smoke screen for Canada's CGI gun registry?

October 31st 2013   The Unlikely First Lady to Have a Pistol License and Why She Decided to Carry

October 30th 2013   Demolishing Guns and Common Sense

October 29th 2013   Poll: Handgun Ban Opposition at High

October 28th 2013   VIRGINIA: There Really is a Conspiracy to Take Your Guns, Courtesy Bloomberg & McAuliffe

October 27th 2013   After Westgate, Interpol Chief Ponders 'Armed Citizenry'

October 26th 2013   Saved by a Good Person with a Gun

October 25th 2013   Bill De Blasio: Bloomberg Didn't Go Far Enough On Gun Control

October 24th 2013   D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing

October 23rd 2013   Watch Your Guns Around Obamacare

October 22nd 2013   Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20 - video

October 21st 2013   Alamo Pro-Gun Rally Fights For Open Carry Rights, Breaks Longstanding Tradition

October 20th 2013   The Next Gun Grab: ATF 41P targets NFA Trusts ...The comment period is open

October 19th 2013   Hackensack, NJ Police Director Calls for National Gun Buyer Fingerprinting

October 18th 2013   'Morning Joe' Panel Crumbles In Face of Gun Facts - video

October 17th 2013   SCOTUS to decide if buying a gun for a lawful person is a 'straw purchase'

October 16th 2013   NEW, 1911 Draw - and - New Handbill

October 15th 2013   New Jersey's Sword of Damocles - 'Smart Guns'

October 13th 2013   The Feinstein Syndrome!

October 12th 2013   Citizen Gun Owners – First Responders in Kenya

October 11th 2013   CCW Holders Have Murder Rates One Third That of Police Officers

October 10th 2013   Second Amendment and Gun Control Videos Online

October 9th 2013   JPFO Presents Emily Miller with David & Goliath Award

October 8th 2013   Raffling Off 'Assault' Rifles

October 7th 2013   The High and Low Road of Gun Rights

October 6th 2013   Watering the Grass Roots of Self-Defense

October 4th 2013   America's Secretest Weapon

October 3rd 2013   7 Kids Who Were Punished By Schools For Using Imaginary Guns

October 2nd 2013   Why the Media's Fixation on the AR-15 Is Foolish

October 1st 2013   Senate Website Gets Second Amendment Wrong

September 30th 2013   "Hide out": Furious military wife protests DHS advice in case of active shooting

September 29th 2013   12 Year Old Suspended for Gun Keychain

September 28th 2013   The Central Planning Solution to Evil

September 27th 2013   2A sign forcibly removed

September 26th 2013   'If we had the ammunition'

September 25th 2013   Crime stats they'd rather you not hear.

September 24th 2013   Constitutional cops do exist

September 23rd 2013   Guns, Slavery, and Lessons from History

September 22nd 2013   SC School Teacher Tells Students It's Constitutional for Cops to Confiscate Guns

September 21st 2013   Mesa business owners encourage guns at work

September 20th 2013   Gun Control? Obama's Chicago New U.S. Murder Capital

September 19th 2013   Racism is still alive on the Left - includes embedded videos

September 18th 2013   Waking a Sleeping Giant in Colorado

September 17th 2013   Justice Denied: Second Amendment Case Delayed for Years in D.C.

September 16th 2013   10 Shocking Examples of Police Killing Innocent People in the "War on Drugs"

September 15th 2013   Convention of States Project Gaining Ground - audio file

September 14th 2013   Let's Use All the Data This Time: Are Stand Your Ground Laws Racist?

September 13th 2013   New residents of Denver apartment complex not allowed to have guns

September 12th 2013   Flyover Country Has Spoken

September 11th 2013   Colorado voters remove gun control lawmakers from office

September 10th 2013   Anti-gun cities -- rich pay for protection, poor pay with their lives

September 9th 2013   It Can Happen Here

September 8th 2013   Gun Control Now Costing States Jobs & Tax Revenue

September 7th 2013   Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Guns Do Not Cause Crime, People Do

September 4th 2013   1.1 million Brazilians murdered in 30 years

September 3rd 2013   Angry Protests vs. Bullets and Heavy Weapons

September 2nd 2013   Cuban "Agent-of-Influence" wants American Gun-Owners Fingerprinted

August 31st 2013   Ninth Circuit Rules in Firearms Freedom Act Case

August 29th 2013   Dem bill would trigger huge new taxes on guns, ammo

August 28th 2013   Politicians Likely Suspects in Next School Tragedy

August 26th 2013   One Year Later - The Long Range Peach House Gunfight

August 25th 2013   A Jury's Secret Power -- Nullification

August 24th 2013   Domestic Violence, Due Process and Gun-Rights

August 22nd 2013   Escaped prisoner shot dead by Iowa homeowner after hostage ordeal

August 21st 2013   The U.N. comes after America's guns

August 20th 2013   Rumor Control: U.N. 'Disarmament' Memo

August 19th 2013   Gun Control: Is A Real War on Women

August 18th 2013   Florida Sheriffs Unanimously Support 'Stand Your Ground' Law

August 17th 2013   18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer

August 15th 2013   CA Set to Become Strictest Gun Control State with Ammunition Registry

August 14th 2013   The Colorado Recall Is About Representing Your Constituents

August 13th 2013   Being Freedom Friendly about Guns, Brings Business to Smart States

August 12th 2013   Nebraska is a MAIG FREE zone

August 11th 2013   Council on Foreign Relations pushes executive gun controls

August 9th 2013   The Real Faces and Places of Gun Control

August 8th 2013   Afterburner, with Bill Whittle, PJTV: "The Lynching" - video

August 7th 2013   Fearing Obama, It's Palpable

August 6th 2013   Dissection of anti-freedom bigotry - sound file

August 4th 2013   The current 'Gun control' push, a cop's eye view

August 3rd 2013   Green Beret vets man defense of Second Amendment

August 2nd 2013   Nobody is coming to save and protect you - police motto misleading

August 1st 2013   Arkansas teachers to carry 9mm guns on campus come fall

July 31st 2013   Oakland wants to ban utility items!

July 30th 2013   Bloomberg gun-control group facing internal backlash amid growing profile

July 29th 2013   NJ Supreme Court to Hear 2A Case on 'Justifiable Need', NJ's Excuse for CCW denial

July 28th 2013   Media outlets choose to ignore important statistics

July 27th 2013   Gun Law Expert Hits Gov On Stand Your Ground

July 25th 2013   Circumstances Alter Perception? - handbill/poster

July 24th 2013   Stand Your Ground, Shooters!

July 23rd 2013   The potential consequences of warning shots - sound file

July 22nd 2013   Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control - includes sound file

July 21st 2013   Smart Gun - Dumb Idea

July 20th 2013   Dead Batteries Make Dead People

July 19th 2013   Are "Smart" Guns, a "Smart" Idea?

July 18th 2013   Armed Citizen Project Launches National Empowerment Day

July 17th 2013   Blacks benefit from Florida 'Stand Your Ground' law at disproportionate rate

July 16th 2013   Anti-Gun Advocates May Not Like This New CDC Report

July 14th 2013   New JPFO Draw: Gun Control is not Kosher - closed Sept 23rd

July 13th 2013   On Concealed Guns, Politicians Miss the Point

July 12th 2013   Man protests felony gun arrest, had permit

July 11th 2013   No, 'Castle Doctrine' Does Not Increase Violent Crime

July 10th 2013   Connecticut State Police & DESPP Using Deception to Confiscate Firearms

July 9th 2013   Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly are wrong about gun control

July 8th 2013   US Government facilitates murder weapon of police chief, but wants to register yours

July 7th 2013   Obama's Executive Ordered Study Report On Gun Violence Slaps Him In The Face

July 6th 2013   Failure has its rewards at the ATF...

July 4th 2013   Your July 4th flag, plus, Jewish gun-owner-letter

July 3rd 2013   Constitutional Carry gains momentum

July 2nd 2013   Cuomo strikes back at gun rights lawsuit

July 1st 2013   Teachers union vice president: Supporters of gun rights 'going to hell'


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