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March 1, 2004

When Social Security Collapses
Your Guns Will Be Endangered

Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan set off a firestorm when he pointed out that the U.S. social security system is headed into trouble. The mild reforms he proposed provoked howls of rage from politicians and political interest groups.

Predictably, commentators rushed to condemn Greenspan ( The AARP pointed out that any member of Congress who voted to reduce social security benefits, as Greenspan proposed, would likely be putting his or her job at risk. ( And so we continue down the path to disaster. Without radical reformation, social security will eventually collapse like the house of cards it is. Either the collapse will lead directly to social chaos, or the government, in a desperate attempt to keep the benefits coming, will hyperinflate the currency -- and that will lead to social chaos. Two years ago, Aaron Zelman and Claire Wolfe wrote an article, "Can the Second Amendment and Social Security Coexist?" ( If you haven't yet read that article, take the time to go study it now. If you haven't read it in a year or so, read it again. Then think about its message. There is a link between the coming collapse of social security and the long, gradual, but never- ceasing erosion of your right to keep and bear arms. When social security collapses, the Second Amendment could go with it.

Information is a powerful armament. Read. Think. And be prepared.

The Liberty Crew

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