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June 19, 2004

The Nuge calls Innocents Betrayed "Killer truth ammo"
On his Web site forums this week, rock star (and famously ruggedoutdoorsman) Ted Nugent kicked off a discussion thread called"Gun Control Vid from Hell."

The Nuge wrote: "Innocents Betrayed ... nails [the] horror ofgun control throughout history & NOW. Buy one & share it witheveryone!! FIGHT with me won't ya! This is KILLER truth ammo!!"

In a personal letter to the Liberty Crew he later added: "[T]obe unarmed is to be helpless in the face of evil. JPFO'sInnocents Betrayed is the ultimate documentation andrepresentation of this harsh reality and should be studied byall people who cherish freedom and our duty to self defense."

While this is the first praise we've received from a geniunerock star and culture hero, kudos for this film -- that YOUhelped make possible -- continue to pour in.

The Neal Knox Report (written by Clayton Cramer) in the latestShotgun News says:

"One of the strengths of Innocents Betrayed is that it remindsyou that genocide wasn't a rare event in the last century. Itdidn't just happen once or twice. It happened again and again. Iguess you could say that humans are slow learners. ... My wifecalls [Innocents Betrayed] the Prozac video; after you watchit you'll want to visit the pharmacy for antidepressants and agun store to make sure, 'Never Again.'"

Elsewhere in the same issue, Shotgun News editors alsocomment:

"[Innocents Betrayed] depicts the perilous folly of willfuldefenselessness and, better than any other American gun lobbyhas done to date, explains why those who dismiss our SecondAmendment as a governmental permission slip for sportsmen areidiots. ... Innocents Betrayed is the best information you canshare with non-readers who believe in gun control."

Finally we got e-mails from two JPFO supporters who've doneexactly what we hope everyone who loves life and liberty willdo: Show the tape. Play the DVD for friends, relatives, skeptics,opponents. Spread the word.

Jean Carbonneau writes:

"Every chance I get when speaking to individuals about firearms,I always mention your organization, and give the website. ... Andthank you for the great film, Innocents Betrayed. I had agathering at my home, and showed it to both defenders and non-defenders. Both were just blown away with the content, history,and the theme of the film."

Another supporter tells us:

"I got my local library to order Innocents Betrayed. When itwas ordered, there were two holds on it. Mine, and I stronglysuspect the library employee that ordered it. It just yesterdaywent into circulation, and now there are seven holds; one ofwhich is a librarian in the local library, who I not only talkedto them about the film, but showed them the JPFO website :)

"It's on the move... :)"

On the move, indeed. The word is getting out! And that meansthat both lives and our rights have a better chance be saved.

Innocents Betrayed doesn't have the funding or thedistribution that a liar like Michael Moore can get for hisanti-gun, anti-freedom propaganda. But we have something better.

We have the truth. We have a powerful film -- and we have YOU.

If you haven't yet bought your copy of Innocents Betrayed, do it now.

If you've bought one, buy more to share with friends, give toyour local library, or give to a local gun group.

And invite everybody in and: SHOW THE FILM.

The Liberty Crew

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