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August 17, 2004


Have you ever seen "Heeb" magazine? We hadn't, until a JPFO supporter from New York City sent us a copy. With a name like that, you might think "Heeb" is published by white supremacists to smear Jews. But no. It's a slick, stylish magazine by and for urban Jews who seem to have decided that self-hatred is chic, sophisticated, and profitable.

Among other things, they advertise their Web site ( by printing a full-page photo in the magazine showing a dominatrix in vaguely Nazi-like gear above the words, "Because you've been very, very bad."

Our New York friend sent us the Summer 2004 issue of "Heeb" because it contains a sneeringly sarcastic endorsement (which is really a put-down) of JPFO's Brasco the Bear pro- gun greeting cards. They snipe that the cards encourage "trigger-happy children."

These people think it's bad for children to learn that their lives are worth defending.

We're aware that all this is meant to be terribly witty. But we fail to find the humor in Jews stereotyping themselves using words, images, and attitudes that would be grotesque if they came from neo-Nazis.

It's rather as if the NAACP published a magazine called "Darkie" featuring blacks eating watermelon. It's blind, short-sighted, and dangerously stupid to adopt your enemy's view of yourself. These Schumer schlemiels are giving their enemies ammunition.

Furthermore we really, profoundly, seriously fail to find the humor or sophistication in Jews who so proudly consider self-defense to be treyf (unclean or taboo). Is it sophisticated to ignore your own history? Is it trendy to trust governments to protect you when governments have turned on you for thousands of years? Is it stylish to mock those who take responsibility to protect their families, while you're out on the town, having fun at the twenty- first century version of Cabaret?

Is it chic to party on while the world turns ominous outside your doors? We don't think so.

If the editors of "Heeb" are honest, they'll learn their history and change their minds. JPFO will help them along. As this alert goes out, a DVD copy of our documentary Innocents Betrayed is on its way to the editorial office of "Heeb" in New York City. Our challenge: Watch it and learn.

We'll let you know how -- or if -- they respond to a film that's every bit as in-your-face as their magazine, but a lot more intelligent where it really counts.

The Liberty Crew

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