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August 24, 2004


We at JPFO often receive compelling letters from our readers on the loss of freedoms we are experiencing in this country. One recent letter was particularly powerful and we wanted to share it with you.

- The Liberty Crew

-----[BEGIN LETTER] ----

Dear Aaron Zelman and members of the J.P.F.O.:

Congratulations on your fine organization and web site. Makes me feel very proud!

My uncle Armin, served (and was wounded) in the 1st Honvd (Hungarian) and my dad, Miksa, in the 2nd K und K (Austro- Hungarian) regiment. My uncle Zsiga, was too young to serve. When WW II came, he went to enlist, but was told that as a Jew, he could not bear arms. Instead, he was sent to a "work batallion" where he and others were made to walk on mine fields in the Ukraine ahead of the German troops. In 1942, my grandmother received a notification by the Red Cross that his son disappeared. She promptly had a stroke and died. I guess she was luckier than my grandfather who was taken out of the Swedish "protected houses? set up by Raoul Wallenberg, stripped naked, on December 22, 1945, tied to three other Jews and pushed into the Danube, after one of them was shot in the head to serve as ballast. Neither body was ever found.

Armin and Miksa, maybe because of their military training, were able to survive and eventually find their way to the US. My aunts and uncles all perished. (My dad never turned in his "Baby Frommer 6.35 mm" in spite of the fact that routinely, on the way home from school, I would see people in the street in pools of blood, shot to death, with sign saying that they had violated the proclamation requiring all to turn in their radios and weapons.)

For the past 52 years I have lived in New York City. Until a few years ago, when all my permits and licenses to own weapons were summarily revoked, I have owned handguns and long guns. Since I did not want to be disarmed, I bought property in one of our last free states, the State of Vermont. I feel sorry for the New Yorkers I am leaving behind disarmed by the likes of Schumer and Bloomberg. Whenever I see a picture of New York?s Finest, with an M16A2 and a kevlar helmet, I see specters of the "Einsatzgruppen" with MP40's and the "Stahlhelm". After the war, the only explanation was "Ein Befehl, ist ein Befehl!"

I am getting a little too old and tired to fight this onslaught on our constitutional rights. The most frightening development is this abominable "Patriot Act" and the "War on Terror". Again, the parallel with the events of 1939 are uncanny: the use of euphemisms and innocuous words to deceive the public, the release of dated data to keep the populace in a constant state of apprehension and the rounding up of bearded men who are detained without due process are "dj vu".

I hope that my children and my grandchildren will continue to keep this wonderful country which has given me and my family freedom, peace and happiness, the beacon of liberty and justice for many more years to come, with the help of others, such as your group.

Nicholas A. Neuhaus

----- [END LETTER] -----

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