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September 19, 2004

Innocents Betrayed Smeared on Salon.Com

A recent Salon.Com article reviewed the American Film Renaissance and included a section on JPFO's award-winning documentary Innocents Betrayed. As you might expect from Salon.Com, the article expresses the fear and prejudice of the anti-gun elitist crowd.

Amazingly, Cashill's film wasn't the most outlandish documentary on offer. It was trumped by "Innocents Betrayed," which attributes most of the 20th century's genocides, as well as lynching, the Japanese- American internment and the rape of Nanking, to gun control. Jumping from country to country, it first explains how a particular government passed laws limiting the ownership of weapons, and then cuts to pornographic montages of mutilated corpses. Walking out, a conservative journalist from Washington looked at me and said, "OK, that was offensive."
The blurb (as well as the entire article) is designed not to inform but to discredit, writing off Innocents Betrayed as "outlandish" while ignoring the actual subject matter of the film. At no point does the author, Michelle Goldberg, acknowledge the truth contained in Innocents Betrayed: that in nearly every case, genocide in the 20th century has been preceded by "gun control". In her mind, the "fact" that self-defense is treyf (taboo or forbidden) is enough to warrant a sweeping dismissal of the entire film. Ms. Goldberg refers to Innocents Betrayed as "pornographic," which says more about her own psychology than it says about the film. Pornography, after all, is generally associated with shame and guilt. Such shame and guilt will often prevent someone from admitting the truth. In a blatant attempt to bolster her smear job, Ms. Goldberg claims an anonymous "conservative journalist" called Innocents Betrayed offensive (naturally no name is given). Once again, the truthfulness of the subject matter is glossed over; to Ms. Goldberg and her ilk, offended sensibilities are reason enough to reject it. As for the alleged conservative journalist...with friends like this - friends who are more concerned with political correctness than the truth in front of their eyes - who needs enemies? In essence, Salon.Com's opinion piece is a perfect example of what to expect from those who are determined to ignore the facts at any cost. JPFO supporters should go back and read the Sarah Thompson article "Raging Against Self- Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines the Anti-Gun Mentality". Supporters might also send a copy of this alert to the editors of Salon.Com. It is this deliberate blindness and denial which allows atrocities like those chronicled in Innocents Betrayed to occur. And it is against this deliberate blindness and denial that we must continue to fight. - The Liberty Crew

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