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September 19, 2006

Special Fundraising Sale!

We've been telling you about _The Gang_ , our latest documentary film project, which we're producing as part of our campaign to eliminate federal control and regulation of firearms and abolish the BATFE. You can read more about _The Gang_ at ( or ). To help raise funds for this project, JPFO is holding a special sales event!

For a limited time only, ALL JPFO apparel, including t-shirts and golf shirts, is on sale. Order 1 shirt and get 10% off, 2 shirts get 20% off, and 3 shirts get 25% off! All prices include shipping to the same address, and you can mix and match styles and sizes.

When you place your order, the shopping cart will show regular prices. We will adjust the charge to your credit card to reflect the discount and send a copy of the order showing the total billed. Sale is subject to stock on hand, no backorders, first come first served. We will notify you by email if an item is out of stock.

Order today for the holidays at , and help us boot the BATFE!

- The Liberty Crew

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