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"No Guns For Jews"
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"2A Today For The USA"
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"No Guns For Negroes"
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"No Guns For Jews "
"The Gang Movie"
"Innocents Betrayed"
"Bill of Rights, or Bust"
"BATFE, Reckless Record Keeping"
Non JPFO 2A Oriented Film Clips of Interest
Suzanna Hupp addresses Congress
The Swiss, their arms and "Militia"
Holocaust Commemoration Day 2010
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Give The BATFE The Boot!!!

Gang Movie Endorsements


To purchase full length movies, see below -

The "No Guns for Jews DVD" may now also be obtained from the JPFO store although viewing and/or downloading is possible from the site page. (Be aware too of the "Triple Play" DVD now available from our store, which is a combo of "No Guns for Jews", "No Guns for Negroes" and "2A Today for The USA.")

The Gang DVD - A former minor tax collection department is now a billion-dollar agency. This groundbreaking documentary exposes how this agency harasses, oppresses, intimidates, and terrifies small businesses and decent citizens. Run time 85 mins.

Innocents Betrayed - In this powerful documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, you will learn how governments have historically deprived people of firearms ... and then wiped them from the face of the earth. Run time 58 mins. Read more about this film first.

Bill of Rights or Bust - Do you know your rights? Bill of Rights or Bust uses a lively interview format, elegant illustrations, and high-speed imagery to show what rights we REALLY have -- and why those rights are worth keeping. Run time 22 1/2 mins. Visit our original site now situated here within JPFO but temporarily not displaying correctly.

Nazi Death Camps - The Results of "Gun Control" - Official US Army film commissioned by General Dwight Eisenhower. Footage was used at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. Run time approx 60 mins. An info page here.

"The Ten Commandments of Self Defense" - Not a movie but a 2CD set of a fascinating lecture given by Rabbi Dovid Bendory dealing with the comparison between G-d's laws versus man's laws. Purchase direct from JPFO Store.

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JPFO Bookstore

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Of particular note, and books JPFO considers important reading ........

''Gun Control'': Gateway to Tyranny - A side-by-side comparison of the 1938 Nazi Gun Control laws and America's 1968 Gun Control Act.Unfortunately, this book is now out of stock.

Death By "Gun Control" - The ground-breaking book that was the basis for our award-winning documentary, Innocents Betrayed. Unfortunately, this book is now out of stock.

Dial 911 and Die - It makes no difference what state you live in - you DON'T have a right to police protection! Addition - another article on this subject by Richard Stevens.

HOPE - This JPFO book was republished in small quantity and may be available through, either as new or also a used copy. Read more about it on this page, which includes several endorsements as well. There is a 50 page sample available on JPFO, to wet your appetite.

Gran'pa Jack Books. - this page will describe the various issues in the series, from there are links to the JPFO Store.

Bloomfield Press. Author Alan Korwin of has written various books covering a mountain of information, making for invaluable and important reference material for all responsible gun owners. These are available through the JPFO Store - links available on the Korwin books details page.

The Mitzvah The ultimate mugging of a liberal who becomes a conservative. For those who love freedom -- and for those who should. Read more on this page.

The State vs The People Though few realize it, "police state" and "tyranny" are not synonymous … this book goes into great detail explaining this. (Although out of print, it appears (Oct 2011) there are a few new and used issues at


JPFO and Amazon - This page represents a source for many books in several categories at Amazon. Included categories are: Fiction, Self-Defense, 2a, 'Food for thought', Reference, History, Genocide, plus a useful Amazon search option. Purchases made from this site as the referrer can earn useful funds for JPFO.


Apparel:  The JPFO Store has for a long time kept apparel options such as T-shirts but is currently in process of clearing out much of that stock, and may not be re stocking for some time. Check it out if you wish to see what may be remaining.


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