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June 11th 2008

No Justice for Gun Owners


Some of you already know that on June 7, 2008, a three-judge panel sentenced a gun owner to prison for a malfunctioning firearm as claimed by a BATFE informant.

We have archived the newspaper article and the first response from an angry American - see below. We would like to hear your opinion on this travesty of justice.

On the January 10, 2008, “Talkin’ to America” interview with firearms designer Len Savage, we warned you of the new direction BATFE was taking to abolish gun ownership -

It appears with the compromising of the NRA, BATFE will now move ahead with great enthusiasm and succeed in destroying your gun rights.

PS - Don't plan on the forthcoming Supreme Court Heller decision to radically change this situation.

The Liberty Crew

Regional News Briefs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel OnLine
Posted: June 7, 2008

Reservist loses plea to stay out of prison

A Wisconsin man convicted in federal court of transferring a machine gun has been denied a request to stay out of prison while he fights the conviction. David R. Olofson, 36, of Berlin, who remains a member of the Army Reserve, was convicted by a jury in January and sentenced last month to 30 months in prison.

Olofson's attorney argued that the gun Olofson loaned to another man malfunctioned when it fired multiple rounds and Olofson didn't know it would do that. Olofson, whose case has received widespread attention after coverage on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN, filed an appeal with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and also asked that he be kept out of prison until that appeal is decided.

In a one-line order this week, a three-judge panel on the 7th Circuit denied Olofson's motion to stay out of prison pending his appeal. Olofson is not in custody and likely won't be called to report to prison until later in summer because of a backlog in getting out-of-custody inmates into federal prison. 

I posted this reaction on one of the gun rights blogs: 

There is a phrase that is often misused by any number of collectivist hustlers-for-a-cause, but it does seem appropriate here: "No justice, no peace." I present it here as more of a sad prediction than a threat, for what the Feds have done in this case by their unchecked misconduct is to take away any incentive for a citizen to submit to their orders -- any orders, even heretofore "reasonable" ones. If you cannot count on a fair trial, you might as well shoot it out with the bastards the moment you see them coming for you. We have moved out of the light of the rule of law and into something far more deadly and dangerous, the darkness of the rule of the jungle. The unintended consequences of the Olofson frame-up are going to get a great many people killed.

Olofson case page

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