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March 2nd 2010

Stop The U.N. Stealth Attack on the Second Amendment


The globalists have shown their hand. This is one of those rare opportunities where tens of millions of gun owners can do something simple, and yet accomplish so much to protect the Second Amendment.

1. Please personally contact Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and help JPFO educate and enlighten him on the danger of “International Law” as being promoted by one of his fellow State employees, Barbara Frey.

2. Politely and briefly, ask the Governor to read the open letter to him. Remember to be respectful. This man is apparently our ally in the fight to keep liberty alive in America.

3. How to: Click on the email address

Next: Write your short personal message.

Next: “Copy and paste” this link - - to the JPFO open letter and add it to the text of your message.

Or… “Copy and paste” this pdf file of the open letter - - and attach it to your personalized email message. This will provide a quality printable version of the open letter for the Governor and his staff. Our goal is to install JPFO’s material into Barbara Frey’s classrooms, so that students can carefully examine the dark side of “gun control”.

(Note - for those who can do so - you can also either embed the web page from its link and/or save the PDF and attach it directly as a file to your email).


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If you like what we do for you, then please support us. It is less than 7c a day, only $25 a year ........
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