July 31st 2012

Responses to Michael Savage.

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Michael Savage is one among prominent conservatives who have come out favoring a ban on assault weapons, in light of the tragic mass shooting in the Colorado movie theater on July 20th.

"Common sense would dictate that there should not be drum magazines for sale to the public," conservative talk radio host Michael Savage said (July 24 2012), in commenting on the weaponry James Holmes used to go on his murder spree. "Where in the world is it written that an average citizen should be able to buy a drum magazine that holds 100 rounds of ammunition? That's a military drum, that's for military use only." (YouTube video sound file).

Noting that he is a gun owner, Savage went on to say that "the country has no right to allow any single individual, who is not a member of a police force, to buy a drum magazine." Note use of the word "allow" - suggestive of privilege and not the right written into the Second Amendment.

We wrote to Savage last time (April 2009) he railed on "assault weapons" - trying to educate him but here he goes again, hardly championing gun rights. Our interim Communications manager Adam Taxin interviewed both L. Neil Smith (JPFO contributor and author) and Alan Korwin (Author, publisher and JPFO advisor) on this very subject. To listen to the sound files visit our Talkin' to America page and listen to the measured responses.

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