January 29th 2014

JPFO Celebrates its 25th Anniversary --
And YOU receive the gifts!

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It's JPFO's 25th year. Yes, it's been that long since our founder, the late Aaron Zelman, created America's most aggressive civil rights organization. We started in 1989 when things looked bleak for gun rights. How things have changed since then! And that change has been thanks to people like you, refusing to give in. And to people like us, creating in-your-face educational materials with your support.

So in 2014, all through our 25th Anniversary year, we're celebrating with special gifts for donors and great deals for members old and new.

This year, with any NEW 2-year membership or RENEWAL, you can get a third year for just $10 more.

Want to donate? Look what we have for you! Beautiful custom knives and letter openers, handmade by Wisconsin bladesmith, Peter Martin. Plus a special 25th Anniversary tee-shirt that'll help you start conversations with your friends who don't understand that gun rights protect all rights. (Visit the JPFO 25th Anniversary site page to see larger pictures.)

Throughout the year we'll also be holding 25th Anniversary raffles and auctions. Those will benefit JPFO -- and you'll benefit by having a chance to win firearms, cool gear, books, and more. We'll keep you posted.

Donate $1,000 or more and we'll send you your own Damascus-blade, high-carbon steel knife by world-renowned, U.S.-based bladesmith Peter Martin. This handmade beauty has a cherry-burl handle and comes with a custom-made engraved leather sheath.

Donate $500-999 and an elegant Damascus, high-carbon steel Peter Martin letter opener will sit proudly on your desk. This handmade collector's item also comes with its own custom-made, engraved leather sheath.

Donate $250-499 and you'll earn this handmade high-carbon steel knife by Peter Martin. It too, comes with its own custom-made, engraved leather sheath.

Donate $40-$249 and you'll soon be starting conversations with your friends and neighbors with our 25th-anniversary commemorative tee-shirt.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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