Proposed illegal gun ban
by Pittsburgh's Mayor

From Article January 31st, 2019 :

(Quote): A Kennedy Township man filed a private criminal complaint Wednesday against Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, seven members of City Council and the city solicitor over a proposed gun ban, but the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office says it contains no grounds for prosecution....

Val Finnell, 51, filed the complaint and said others would follow his lead, alleging the city officials displayed criminal intent by proposing a ban on certain automatic weapons and firearms accessories. He cited Pennsylvania's preemption statute, which prohibits municipalities from regulating firearms. .......

Pittsburgh is definitely "trying it on" when it comes to wanting to legislate in contravention of Pennsylvania's preemption statute - not the first city to have planned such a move. It is concerning that such attempts at 'gun control' are happening, using the trusted excuse of "the gun violence epidemic". Perhaps they should also make themselves aware of the influence in modern times of social media that can encourage tragedies, and also the main media's tendency to over expose mass murderers, to the point of almost glamorizing them. These factors combined can be the catalyst for 'copy-cat' events, not to mention the problems of 'gun-free-zones'. "The gun" is not the problem.
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