Toxic Media and
the Rights Restrictors

By Rob Morse. April 10th, 2019
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We live in the internet age where we have a world of information at our fingertips. The downside is that we’re flooded with details while we lose the larger truths. Our problem isn’t ignorance, but lack of perspective. Today, the media can shock us with something that is technically true, but intellectually meaningless. I want to show you two examples. One is boringly familiar while the other is virtually invisible to us because of media bias.

We continue to learn old truths. For example, there are countless articles written about what we should and should not eat. This isn’t an article on dietary consumption, but on intellectual consumption. From a technical perspective, we can now measure trace chemicals so accurately that we find minute amounts of harmful compounds everywhere. For instance, oranges contain natural carcinogens in their skin. So do other fruits and vegetables. We can also find “man made chemicals” in places untouched by man. All we have to do is look hard enough. .....

Another look at the all too common media bias - initially considering a simple example concerning food safety. Then, moving on to discuss media and "gun violence' - media bias hides the fact that guns save lives far more often than they cost them, as well as ignoring how overall the U.S. is far from being the most violent country, despite high gun ownership. The norm is to diseminate frequent misinformation, usually geared towards the anti-gun movements, and rarely anything positive.


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