Citizens Committee Slams Northam's Politicization
of Mass Murder to Attack Gun Rights

By Dan Zimmerman. Jun 05, 2019

Yesterday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wiped the shoe polish off of his face long enough to hold a press conference and announce that he's calling a special session of the state legislature. The session's sole purpose: consider a raft of gun control proposals -- an "assault weapons" ban, red flag law, magazine capacity limits, among others -- that Northam wants enacted.

The Governor's move is pure partisan politics cloaked in the guise of doing something about gun violence. The Virginia Beach shooting, perpetrated by a disturbed individual who had bought his guns legally, provided Northam the ideal cover he needed.

The Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms sees Northam's cynical effort for what it is. Here's their press release … .....

Once again we see mass murder used as an excuse to further try and infringe on the rights of the law abiding majority, despite the fact that no amount of 'gun control' would have affected the tragic event. As is mentioned in a USA Today report -- "What a pity the news media rarely cover incidents in which legally armed Americans save countless innocent lives rather than take lives."


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