Why Have Civil Liberties-Loving Liberals
Become Anti-Gun and Anti-Free Speech?

By Steve Pomper. July 3rd, 2019

What does being anti-gun rights have to do with leftist politics? I mean really think about it objectively. When I was a kid growing up --in a very liberal area-- both Democrats and Republicans owned guns for target shooting, hunting, and self-defense. It didn't seem as much a left-right issue. So, why the decline over the past few decades in Democrat support for gun rights? Not all that long ago, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) received an A rating from the NRA.

Frankly, I don't believe most mainstream Democrats who own guns have given them up. However, publicly, I do think many have bought into the "common sense gun laws" fraud. But, again, why is a supposedly civil-liberties-supporting liberal party endorsing the abridging of an important civil right? A right enumerated in the Bill of Rights as valid as the right to free speech and religion.

Why are gun rights no longer seen as also a liberal issue except for a very few sane liberals? For example, the Liberal Gun Club understands the importance of the Second Amendment. Shouldn't self-defense and firearms be viewed like travel and cars? You can defend yourself without a gun, but other means are not nearly as effective, especially against an armed assailant. Just as you can travel without a motor vehicle, but it's normally much more efficient than walking. .....

A lot with the left and guns comes down to "don't do what I do - do what I say", as they seek power and control through the wish for civilian disarmament. There is a mixture of hypocricy, false narratives and a near total disregard for the Constitution, despite in some cases claiming to support the Second Amendment as a means to soften their ongoing attempts at 'gun control'. Government does not grant rights.


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