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"When seconds count, count on your neighbors"

West Freeway Church lives saved by gunfire
Armed parishioners jump into the fray, don't shoot each other
Every hoplophobic myth from anti-rights bigots falls, lives saved
Mass media, as predicted, avoid and play down the glorious win

Lives were saved at the end of 2019 by armed attendees at a church service, when a murderer was shot dead seconds after he acted. The only thing unusual about the now famous Dec. 30, 2019 incident is that it was caught so dramatically on clear video with sound. This sort of event occurs with great frequency, getting limited reports in print and word-of-mouth, thousands of times every year, but is actively suppressed by the so-called mass "news" media.

"In a moment of candor, the Associated Press told me directly they avoid self-defense stories because they don't want to encourage copycats," said Alan Korwin, a 30-year member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and advisor to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org. "The reporter told me if he did report he would face a reprimand, eventual firing, and those stories would simply not run if he did." The AP and mainstream media dwell on criminal misuse of firearms and murderers constantly however, who they deceptively call "shooters," part of a concerted effort to denigrate guns and a peacefully armed society, according to critics.

The well-documented criminal copycat effect caused by spotlighting murderers is largely dismissed and ignored by the journalism industry. JPFO has a campaign to limit media glorification of spree murderers and all criminals, see the Don't Inspire Evil campaign, here: http://jpfo.org/d.i.e/die-homepage.htm

Media's attitudes and actions show their disgust for armed self defense and the Second Amendment. JPFO calls for an examination of this obvious bias during SPJ Ethics Week in April. It deserves a decent amount of coverage during the week-long heightened scrutiny.


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