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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  March 24, 2020  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland


Not a single "gun-control" group offers gun-safety rules
Frenzied buyers get nothing from the "Moms" or "Brady"-styled gun groups
Bloomberg-funded approach an impediment to much-needed gun safety

Huge, expensive websites promise safety, provide nothing
The most basic three gun-safety rules are missing

In these desperate times of medical crisis, when record numbers of Americans are running out to their local gun shops, many for the first time, seeking the protection and safety that only personal firearms can provide, the much vaunted "Moms for Gun Safety"-type groups are providing no gun safety help whatsoever.

First-time gun buyers, which store owners report are flooding their shops, can expect no help or support in the ownership, possession or use of their newly acquired firearms from Bloomberg- Brady- or Giffords-supported groups. Their main gun-safety approach is avoidance, hiding, legislation and fear, totally useless strategies for new gun owners. "I need education and sound advice on what to do with my new guns in these dangerous times," said one first-time gun owner, who refused to be identified on leaving a gun store in Phoenix, fearing assault from aggressive left-wing gun haters. "I joined a gun-control group for my family's safety, but now I'm disillusioned with them and disappointed," she said. "I got more help from the gun shop staff than that pissant political group." She inquired about getting to a shooting range.

"If you can't get to a range, you can often find excellent introductions to marksmanship, gun handling and gun safety online," said Richard Busch, a JPFO Ambassador. "It's no substitute for trainers, classes and range time, but it's a good start. Start your education process now."


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