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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  August 21, 2020  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Bureaucrats will decide if you can have or keep your guns—

Gun speeches at Dem's convention misleading


Unless Democrats rescind their proposed Gun Issuing Board,
threats and anti-rights promises don't matter

The statutes have been written and introduced in both houses of Congress. Despite even shocking statements about gun confiscations made at the Democrat's convention, Democrat "authorities" will be empowered to deny your gun rights post-election if they gain power.

Before any American gets firearms under the Democrat's
written plan, they can ask (quotes from the statute):

•  Are you of "sound mind and character"
(no standards described, to be Board determined later)

•  Do you have "factors that suggest that the individual
could potentially create a risk to public safety"

•  Do you meet or fail to meet "any other requirements
the State determines relevant" (to be set after elections)

•  And then authorities shall, "make a determination of suitability"
for your ownership and possession of arms, including your own

•  In addition, authorities, "shall establish standards and processes
by which licensing authorities can revoke, suspend, or deny the
issuance or renewal of a covered license" required to possess firearms.

•  The new required federal gun license, with mandatory testing
and numerous conditions, applies to all guns you own or seek.

The bottom line, if Democrats take control, is you can only have a gun if they arbitrarily say you can. Possession of any firearms without the new compulsory licenses is a crime. U.S. "news" media has somehow overlooked these details in their non-stop convention coverage.

Convention speeches about gun control, gun safety, protecting children, felonies and crime mislabeled as "gun violence," democrat-run cities in chaos (largely avoided), and "re-imagining" or eliminating police forces will not matter if Democrats get to enact their written plan for guns Americans already own, or want to obtain. The constitutional ban on infringement is illegally disregarded in the Democrat's bill.

This plan is not in the planning stages, awaiting elections. It is in writing and awaits enactment in both the House (HR 5717) and the Senate (S 3254). Buried in pages of impressive looking but hollow details, the controlling factors will be arbitrary controls handed to unelected boards, who will sit in judgment of individuals, deciding if you're "qualified" to have Second Amendment rights.

When Joe Biden challenged Kamala Harris on the limits of executive power, he told her during televised debate last fall that she wouldn't be able to ban guns or take other draconian anti-gun-rights steps by executive order as she wanted, because of the Constitution. She laughingly replied, "I would just say, 'Hey Joe, instead of saying no we can't, let's say yes we can!'" and received thunderous applause. Harris' other ideas, a familiar litany of decades-old Brady-style arms infringements (more background checks, ban semi-automatic rifles, confiscate AR-15-style long guns, repeal the lawful-commerce-in-arms act, ban normal-capacity magazines, more), came nowhere close to what the Democrat's bills do now.

While our brother and sister rights groups and advocates may be distracted, fretting about bans, and limits on certain guns, ammo, accessories, features, purchasing, required tests without details—for a federal license before you can even possess the guns you already own, these "psych" controls and bureaucracy boards for implementation have been overlooked.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org, understands that anything that disarms Jews, or anyone, even incrementally, advances tyranny, smooths the path toward genocide, and is unacceptable. Never Again! means something, and we stand by that battle cry, as you should. Join with us. You don't have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty.


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