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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  October 7, 2020  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Face the Truth:


That Is the Democrat's Plan, Go Ahead—Ask Them—

"What guns do you believe Americans should be allowed to have?" *

This is the bottom line, America—Democrats will ban every decent gun in private possession. That bill is already written and in Congress. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, JPFO, http://www.jpfo.org has been describing it for months. HR5717/S3254. A right, especially the right to arms, isn't a thing for officials to "allow."

The bill requires any remaining guns (small revolvers, derringers) to be inoperable and locked up. That's exactly what the Supreme Court prohibited in the Heller case because it is unconstitutional infringement. But that's how leftist politicians roll—law, human rights and the Constitution don't matter. Government has guns—better than you can have, and more of them. You are subjects, no guns unlocked, no guns loaded, too much of a dangerous threat (to them). Armed criminals roaming free, rioting, spreading terror, released without bail, it helps keep you in line. This is why Dems won't discuss it in interviews, or even deny it's occurring, and mess media suppresses the footage. If you elect these tyrants, you'll place yourself in servitude to armed masters. "Be warned, or be mourned, tomorrow." –Klaatu

* We have asked numerous leftists this question, the replies are uniform: they rattle off lists of what you cannot have—guns that look scary, "spray" bullets, black guns, powerful guns, the few names they know (AR15, AK47), but they can't name what ought to be "allowed." They've given it no thought.


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“Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org is America’s most aggressive civil-rights organization, dedicated to destroying the notion of 'gun control' as any kind of credible public-policy position. So-called 'gun control' does not control guns and doesn’t control criminal behavior. What it does is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact. Founded in 1989 by Aaron Zelman as a response to the Holocaust, JPFO speaks with the moral authority and tenacious commitment of survivors of persecution, and knows that surrendering your personal and family safety to government protection courts disaster. You don’t have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty.”