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January 13. 2021  

We express our condolences and sense of loss
on news of the passing of
Sheldon Adelson

The world lost a man who represented values that we need to hear.
This week we mourn the passing of a powerhouse, Mr. Sheldon Adelson.
Sheldon grew up in a tough time. As a boy he suffered anti-Semitic attacks on the streets and poverty at home yet he didn't let those things negatively affect him.
Sheldon did not become a victim, he became strong and confident and with that mindset and courage, he empowered others to do the same.
He displayed dignified strength even when it was him against the world.

Mr. Adelson worked in front of the public and behind the scenes to advance peace through strength. He understood well the dire nature of threats to the Jewish people.
Sheldon Adelson used his good fortune and wisdom to fight for what was right, and he will be sorely missed.


Alan Gottlieb, JPFO Chairman and CEO
Rabbi Raziel Cohen, JPFO Ambassador