No, The Storming of the Capitol
Wasn't a 'Gun Control' Success Story

By Cam Edwards. January 17, 2021

There are a lot of hot takes going around about last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol, but Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen's claim that the riots are proof that 'gun control' works is a take hot enough to melt steel girders.

For Cullen, the issue is simple. Washington, D.C. has restrictive gun control laws and there weren't a lot of guns found on those who were rioting; therefore, the District's gun laws must be effective.

It is forever a stain on the president and his seditious supporters that five people died in theputsch, but it would have been infinitely worse if the gun-loving insurrectionists had carried weapons as openly as so many of them do in their home states.

The police did find a dozen or so weapons on people they arrested before and after the attack, but if Washington's firearms laws weren't as strict as they are, thousands of hyped-up gun nuts who took part in the insurrection would have been armed.

So we're supposed to believe that thousands of "gun-loving insurrectionists" came to D.C. with the intent of kicking off a revolution, but they left their guns at home because they didn't want to violate D.C.'s gun laws? Is Cullen serious, or just delusional here? ....

"Violence doesn't come from the gun, or the fire extinguisher, or the American flag used as a spear. It comes from within, and more gun control laws aren't the answer to those on the Left and the Right who think it's time for an honest-to-G-d revolution."


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