Pysch Evaluations To Exercise
2A Rights? Not A Bright Idea

By Tom Knighton. January 31, 2021

A couple of days ago, Pat Richardson wrote about HR 127 by Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee. He outlines some of the more egregious parts of this bill, and I agree with him.

However, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the licensing portion of that bill. In particular, this requirement:

"(2) PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION.—A psychological evaluation is conducted in accordance with this paragraph if—

"(A) the evaluation is conducted in compliance with such standards as shall be established by the Attorney General;
"(B) the evaluation is conducted by a licensed psychologist approved by the Attorney General;
"(C) as deemed necessary by the licensed psychologist involved, the evaluation included a psychological evaluation of other members of the household in which the individual resides; and
"(D) as part of the psychological evaluation, the licensed psychologist interviewed any spouse of the individual, any former spouse of the individual, and at least 2 other persons who are a member of the family of, or an associate of, the individual to further determine the state of the mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.

Now, the idea of psychological evaluations is common among those who don't really ascribe to the absolutist view of the Second Amendment. I get it. After all, if the problem is deranged people getting guns, why not evaluate people before letting them buy guns to make sure they're not deranged?

It sounds like a hell of an idea if you don't know any better. .....

The whole premise of psychological evaluation regarding gun ownership is a loose canon, predictably being biased against anyone who owns a gun. The parameters that could be envisaged can only be imagined as to their diversity - and probably including the use of the famous, all-embracing term "reasonable". This is anti-rights dangerous territory.


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