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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • Feb 9, 2021  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Dems Avoid Crime Control in New Gun Bill

Mass media and "gun" media miss the main issue

Congress lacks power to even introduce HR127's infringements and—
disarming decent people doesn't make dangerous people harmless

Mass-media outlets gave scant coverage to Sheila Jackson Lee's new unsponsored gun bill. While popular "gun" media gave it plenty—they both focused on the trees and missed the burning forest.

• A problem is not the $800 "required" insurance policy federal agents want to sell you, so you may continue to own and keep firearms you already legally own. They obviously cannot do that—it is far outside any delegated power they have; it is ex post facto, banned several ways by the Constitution;

• Authorities cannot require licensing and registration of your legally possessed property—even if they repeal the statutes banning that, as their bill attempts, which got lots of attention;

• Naked aggression taken suddenly against 100 million citizens for peacefully owning any types of common arms and ammunition would create some panic; confiscation for "possessing contraband" with 40-year prison sentences for getting caught would also be a serious abuse of power, but:

The problem with the Democrats approach is: The entire bill aims at innocent people who have done nothing wrong, and shifts the balance of power between government forces and the public. Mass media and "gun" media have failed to make this crystalline. Ms. Lee's bill lacks a single word that affects criminals, criminal activity or the commission of crimes. She says she wants to stop crime, this bill doesn't address that problem. She apparently can't tell, and mass media doesn't care.

The reason is obvious. Every imaginable crime is already outlawed, typically multiple times, and does not involve the public's ownership of property. The disjoint between defunding and disbanding police, as Democrats like her seek, and disarming we the people in HR127, is a derangement symptom, to be rejected on its face as an untenable policy choice. Training the public in crime avoidance, crime deterrence, self-defense, situational awareness and marksmanship are real options.


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