No, 'Gun Violence'
Isn't A Health Epidemic

By Tom Knighton. February 10, 2021

During the 2020 lockdowns, things were relatively quiet from a criminal standpoint. It wasn't that crime wasn't happening, but a lot of violent crime wasn't. After all, most of the potential targets of such crime were staying at home amid concerns over COVID-19.

But then all that went out the window when riots swept across the nation in the wake of the death of George Floyd. See, as bad as the rioting was, it also marked the end of the media's initial fearmongering over the virus. People suddenly felt like it was fine to go out and do again. After all, if the virus wouldn't hurt those burning their communities to the ground, why would it hurt them.

Along with that, though, came a new wave of violent crime that made previous crime rates pale in comparison.

Now, despite the virus still being a thing, some are trying to claim there's another public health crisis that needs to be addressed. So-called 'gun violence'.

Like many Delawareans, Marie Pinkney has a personal connection to gun violence. Her first teenage love, a boy named Zachary, was shot in the back of the head and killed just days after his 20th birthday.

"Unfortunately, my story and experiences don't stop there," Pinkney, now a Delaware state senator told her colleagues recently during an online legislative session. .....

Another look at the ridiculous expression "gun violence"...
"Violence is the problem, though. Why is it so hard to get anti-gunners to agree with that basic premise? Maybe because so few of them really care about violence in general and are still stuck on the tool used in that violence."


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