Mind Reading -
With Safety In Mind

By Richard Busch. February 19, 2021
JPFO Ambassador

To paraphrase an old alleged Chinese curse and merge it with Thomas Paine (The American Crisis, 1776): we live in interesting times that try men's souls! And we do. There's no doubt about it! With all the uncertainty, day to day danger as we lose right after right, even just walking down the street is a potential risk. We constantly flirt with unknown danger as we dance with the possibility of encountering pure hate and evil at a moment's notice. Just being in a mall, a shop, a restaurant, virtually anywhere, even at home, is without question a lot more dangerous than at any time in many decades.

Let's say you're away from home with your spouse or another friend. You already know all about the importance of situational awareness and want to discreetly transmit a safety reminder or alert to your spouse without creating an outward fuss. Is there a reliable way to do it? Might it be useful to always be ready at a moment's notice to let your mate know what you know, and see what you see? YES! And no, there is no such thing as reliable ESP, so we can't pretend there is. But is there something else truly dependable that we can count on? YES!

Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper's Color Codes of Mental and Situational Awareness is the answer! Since you are reading this, I bet most of you have already studied his Color Coded Threat Levels. Some of you may have forgotten part of it. But a greater concern to you may be how to first teach it to your spouse or friend, and then be able to take it to the next level by transmitting it by code, quickly and easily. .....

Awareness of surroundings and what is going on is always important but equally so is being able to communicate an assessment to a person or persons who are with you. Ideally this needs to be succinct and easily understood - so to achieve that it is worth considering various options in order to maximize effect.


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