Mr President -
About Your 'Gun Control'

A Letter To The White House

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By Tim Schmidt, USCCA. Feb 23, 2021

Biden and others in Washington have laid out anti-gun proposals that would impose new taxes on millions of gun owners, create unnecessarily burdensome background checks, all while doing everything within their power to strip away our natural born right to protect ourselves and our families. This anti-gun agenda would do virtually nothing to reduce crime or help more Americans keep their families safe.

You know that we need common-sense gun law reforms that are grounded in reality… Not anti-gun political ideology. I'm working hard to make sure that your voice is heard and your rights to keep your family safe are protected. So I'm taking this message straight to the White House.

The truth is, there is nothing "common-sense" about America's patchwork of concealed carry laws, and that is why we need national concealed carry reciprocity -- where state-issued concealed carry permits are treated just like driver's licenses.

My letter to President Biden makes clear that what our nation needs to help keep families safe is a common-sense solution like national concealed carry reciprocity… Not more politically-motivated, burdensome regulations and ineffective laws that put responsible Americans like you at risk.

The letter explains what Americans really think about responsible gun ownership. (Also available as a PDF file.)
You can read it here. .....


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