By Richard Busch. March 16, 2021
JPFO Ambassador, FOAC Life Member

As you probably know, the regular presentation of the neck knife is to lift up the entire shirt with the left hand, reach up with the right hand, grab the knife, and then pull down to fully deploy it. My original handling is much faster and has many other advantages. But before you even look at the pictures and short movie clips, something must be said again and again, as a reminder, so it will never be forgotten. Just as one must never ever draw a gun unless you absolutely believe there is a direct, immediate, and otherwise unavoidable threat of death or grave bodily harm against you or someone you are with, it's even worse with a knife! We're talking "up-close and personal social work" as I like to put it, an ultimate CQB (close-quarters battle). And a neck knife is much smaller than an EDC (every day carry) knife.

To be clear, we're talking about a back up's back up to a back up. A last ditch to a last ditch you never want to be forced to use. Just as you never ever want to be in a situation where you must draw and fire your gun, a neck knife is even worse, if such a thing is even possible. In theory, in such an intimate altercation with a blade, one person bleeds out, the other goes to the hospital. There are no winners here, only who loses more. The three magic words are always: avoid, avoid, avoid. This is what the guaranteed winner always finds a way to do. In this tutorial, I am using a lanyard, suggestive of a hidden name tag. Feel free to substitute a cord or beaded chain. .....

If faced with a deadly threat at close quarters, the humble neck knife is definitely something worth having available as last resort, and probably a much stronger option than just a fist! As is often said however, avoidance of a situation is always the best option - running away is certainly not an expression of cowardice when it comes to survival.


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