By Richard Busch. March 31, 2021

Albert Einstein had his famous Theory of Relativity. And now it seems, I have mine. Simply put, Busch's Theory of Relativity is a step-by-step guide to how, why and what we all think, the stages we all pass through whenever we choose to carry. Hopefully, this study will help us all make smarter, more honest choices. Read along with me. I'll speak right into your ears.

AC + DC/AD ---> EDC = RDC
AC + stands for Accessible Concealability plus.

Whenever we carry, whatever we carry, and wherever we conceal it, we must be able to get to "it" quickly. With dedicated practice, we can, hopefully as close to flawlessly as possible. We have to because there is always Bad News on the horizon - The Bad Guy always has the advantage since he already knows what he's going to do, when and how he's going to do it, and in fact, is already doing something to force us into a defensive action. This sad fact is worth repeating: The Bad Guy always has the advantage! But all is not lost.

The legendary Wyatt Earp was quoted as saying "Fast is fine, but Accuracy is everything. In a gun fight, you need to take your time and be slow in a hurry." I would add the obvious, that without some speed, that all-important Accuracy may not matter! Any kind of fumbling or hesitation could prove to be, G-d forbid, injurious to one's health. Earp's good friend Bat Masterson referred to "deliberation." To quote Bat, "What I say is it's the ability to make good decisions under stress. And you don't get more stress than when somebody's shooting at you." .....

This is a very broad and detailed look at the many important aspects of concealed carry - all of which can be seen as equally important. Also, a look at a new approach and its essential philosophy, including pride in the 2A and the right behavioral pattern.


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