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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • April 8, 2021  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 8, 2021

Do What's Needed to Stop Genocide!

Government perpetrates societal murder, only you can stop it

JPFO's calls to "officials" to respond have gone unheeded. That's unacceptable.

Today, April 8, many of the people in the world will take a moment out of their busy lives to quietly reflect on how cruel we humans can be to each other, as we recall the Shoah, the WWII Holocaust, when Germany and its allies attempted to erase an entire religion and its followers from the face of the planet. They failed. They died more horrible deaths and destruction than they planned for their victims, while we thrive, bringing monumental bounty and prosperity to the world.

Genocide is a tool basically of governments, but also of societies and religions, that must never be sanctioned, endorsed, tolerated or endured with a blind eye as it is, even now, in dark corners of the world. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and other swaths of society, hated with intensity are the targets of the atrocity. The haters believe they are right, even approved, and proceed with glee.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, jpfo.org, understands there is no one you can reach out to when you are the target of organized slaughter and enslavement, which is why we endorse and teach individual responsibility and an armed public. History unequivocally shows that only a balance of power maintains freedom, and on this, Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ask again, could Germany have slaughtered six million Jews if they had all been armed and trained? We answer our own question: No! And we repeat our battle cry: Never Again!


“Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org is America’s most aggressive civil-rights organization, dedicated to destroying the notion of 'gun control' as any kind of credible public-policy position. So-called 'gun control' does not control guns and doesn’t control criminal behavior. What it does is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact. Founded in 1989 by Aaron Zelman as a response to the Holocaust, JPFO speaks with the moral authority and tenacious commitment of survivors of persecution, and knows that surrendering your personal and family safety to government protection courts disaster. You don’t have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty.”

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