The 3 Biggest Lies Biden Told About Guns

By Dan Zimmerman -April 8, 2021

Poor old Joe. We knock him around a lot for his advancing physical and mental infirmities. But when you get him going on a topic he really cares about — like rolling back Americans' gun rights — it puts an extra little spring in his step. The fact that he referred to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as the A.F.T. (twice) today is a slip-up any of us could make, right? Sure.

But you can't put the old guy in front of a microphone for more than a minute or two before the lies and outright falsehoods begin to pour forth, drowning his audience in a fetid flow of malodorous misinformation.

In fact, the President called the United States an "international embarassment" this morning because of our ongoing "gun violence epidemic." Yeah, it was that bad.

Make no mistake, these aren't just instances of "mis-speaking" or exaggeration (he was reading from a TelePromter, after all). Grampy Joe stood before his audience and the cameras and lied these same lies he's been lying over and over again for decades.

Today"s big Rose Garden announcement, which gathered many of the gun control community's luminaries, was no exception. So while the lies were legion, for brevity's sake, we'll keep our list of Biden's most bilious falsehoods to a list of the top three. .....

Classic features of "gun control" tend to be much the same - lies, misinformation and emotion - all sufficient to achieve a desired result which is as always the ultimate goal of disarming good people. The latest offering is no exception, blatently exploiting dirty tricks.


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