'Biden Determined to Trample on 2A'
Says Anti-Biden Super PAC Chair


By Dave Workman. April 13, 2021

Writing at Fox News Sunday, Ted Harvey, a former Colorado legislator now chairing the Committee to Defeat the President, described as an "anti-Biden super PAC," asserted Joe Biden is "determined to trample on the Second Amendment" while at the same time "undermining the right to bear arms in unilateral fashion."

"When it comes to gun control," Harvey alleges, "the Biden administration believes in government by fiat, unencumbered by the legal constraints placed on the presidency. He says so himself: 'I'm going to use all the resources at my disposal to keep people safe' – even if it means treading on the Constitution."

While it might be easy to dismiss Harvey's Op-Ed as partisan claptrap, it is far more challenging when one considers the Biden gun control plan covered several times at AmmoLand News. Biden is on record.

Harvey's column quickly cuts to the chase when he observes, "Of course, Democrats fail to acknowledge that Colorado – my home state and the site of America's most recent mass shooting – already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. The state government – in which I served for more than a decade – already mandates universal background checks and bans high-capacity magazines. Colorado is even a "red flag" state, allowing law enforcement officials to temporarily seize weapons from those deemed an extreme risk.

"As is often the case, the Democratic Party's laundry list of 'gun control'
demands would have done nothing to stop the Colorado shooting." .....

"Every American wants safer communities and to ensure that criminals don't have ready access to firearms. Unfortunately, instead of looking for effective bipartisan solutions, President Biden has decided to play politics in hopes that Americans won't know any better."


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