Governor Murphy is at it Again

By George Devinny. April 16, 2021

As if New Jersey is not already among the most restrictive states for 'gun control', Governor Phil Murphy (D) has called for a dozen further control measures. His reason is stated as being that recent firearm murder events have "further emboldened us without question."

This is action that typifies the mind set of so many whereby good people's rights are to be further eroded using the excuse of homicidal violence, committed once again by 'the gun', and probably invoking one of the usual labels such as "common sense 'gun control'". There is of course no common sense involved when measures simply further infringe and can have near zero effect on criminal acts.

From NBC New

The measures, a mix of legislation and executive actions, would:

•  Set aside $10 million in the current budget to fund gun violence intervention programs;
•  Require gun permit applicants to first pass as safety course;
•  Mandate that all guns not in use be kept in a lockbox or gun safe;
•  Increase the purchasing age for a firearm to 21, from 18;
•  Mandate microstamping technology so that fired rounds can be traced;
•  Require ammunition sales to be tracked electronically;
•  Ban .50-caliber weapons;
•  Close what Murphy called a loophole that allows those moving to the state to not have to meet New Jersey's requirements to get a gun;
•  Make it easier to hold gun manufacturers liable for violence stemming from the use of firearms;
•  Direct the state Education Department to overhaul active shooter drills to minimize the stress on students;
•  Hold a gun safety summit among governors;
•  Convene a gun safety commission within the state.

Most of these actions would be laughable if they weren't so blatantly useless for making any beneficial changes .....


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