Below The Radar – Handgun
Purchaser Licensing Act of 2021

By Harold Hutchison. April 20, 2021

Bad ideas are hard to kill, especially in Congress. One of the worst has been this notion of licensing gun owners at the federal level. This was something anti-Second Amendment extremists have wanted since 1968 – and you can read how angry Lyndon Baines Johnson was that such provisions were not in the Gun Control Act of 1968.

So, for over five decades, Second Amendment supporters have thwarted this goal of our enemies (and people who wish to inflict injustice on us are rightly described as enemies), who think that treating law-abiding gun owners like criminals is the answer to the misuse of firearms. We know it isn't, as the Brevard County Sheriff lays out. But that hasn't stopped anti-Second Amendment extremists from trying.

While Sheila Jackson Lee drew a lot of attention with HR 127, the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, a number of other licensing schemes have shown up in past Congresses, and they will likely show up in the current Congress, and in Congresses in the future.

One of those bad ideas that keep turning up is the Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act of 2021, known as S 770. .....

The efforts to license, restrict or ban continue unabated, all to no good purpose other than to advance the plan to disarm the populace as even more gets added to the list of proposals. On the way to the goal of course, good people more and more are turned into felons if they disobey, while the evil-doers to all intents effectively get a pass.


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