SCOTUS to Hear Case on NY Carry

By George Devinny. April 27, 2021

It appears that The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association's case regarding carry outside the home is to at last be heard by the Supreme Court, after it has turned down countless 2A cases since the District of Columbia v. Heller. case in 2008. Thus far at least, it seems likely to take a long time with no decision until 2022.
From New York Times:

The new case is a challenge to a New York law that requires people seeking a license to carry a gun outside their homes to show a "proper cause." Two men denied licenses, along with the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, sued, saying "the state makes it virtually impossible for the ordinary law-abiding citizen to obtain a license."

For a start there should not even be a need for a license/permit at all for upstanding citizens, whose rights should be absolute and sacrosanct. Then there is the famous requirement for "good reason" or "proper cause" - which has always been the bureaucratic achilles heel allowing for refusals, all but on a whim. "Good reason" or "proper cause" should be simple - it is the innate right of self defense and should not have to be qualified by some decision as to whether an individual is under some specific threat, itself so often judged adversely by anti-gun administrators. .....


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