Learn to Think Like Someone
Who Chose to be Unarmed

Image from NRA Annual Meeting, 2018

By Dean Weingarten. May 5, 2021

People in the gun culture often express amazement about people who want them disarmed. They ascribe the desire to hostility and malice. It may be true for a minority of those who actively wish for a disarmed population. A significant number, likely a majority, have made a voluntary decision to be unarmed.

It is important to know your opponent and to understand their motives.

There is an easy way to understand people who wish you to be unarmed.

It takes a little discipline. You may have a little mental discomfort. It is not particularly difficult. For the ability to understand the other, assume you have deliberately chosen to be unarmed.

Choosing to be armed is more difficult. It requires action. It requires training. It requires an investment in money and time. You think about unpleasant realities and plan for unpleasant possibilities. You devote time and money to be armed. A higher level of responsibility is required.

Once you internalize the decision to be unarmed, arguments on the other side become understandable. The voluntarily unarmed people we are attempting to understand are those who have moved from the decision to be unarmed, to the policy statement "guns are bad".

Armed people have a power advantage over unarmed people. People do not want others to have a power advantage over them. It makes them uncomfortable. To prevent this, the voluntarily unarmed often want everyone else to be unarmed.

It is why many who are voluntarily unarmed dislike concealed carry, but violently abhor open carry. Open carry presents them with a reality they cannot easily ignore. It destroys their comfortable fantasy. .....

It can be difficult to understand the many aspects of thinking with those who choose to be unarmed. For some it might be simply fear of 'the gun'. Then there's an assumption that 'the gun' can only be used for evil purposes. Also perhaps the hard to comprehend apparent inability to contemplate a gun being used for self defense - almost the "I'd rather die" attitude, instead of possible survival.


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