Bidens' Fanciful Executive
Lip Service Action-Orders


By John Petrolino. May 16, 2021

With the impending doom of gunmegeddon and the uncertainty of what may come from all the introduced bills, there is big talk about the White House taking executive measures to stop so-called gun violence. You might have missed it, but I did something clever. I said "executive measures", essentially is a non-sense phrase. Why does that matter? Because of a very interesting thing that was pointed out in a recent video I watched.

Like many of our readers, I'm a subscriber of many content creators. I take in Second Amendment information all day every day. Unlike some content creators that take from well-researched articles and do not cite their sources (you know who you are out there and we know you do it, toss us a bone once in a while please!) to make their videos, I'm going to take from a well-researched video and tell you exactly where I'm getting the information from.

Braden Langley, from the Langley Outdoors Academy has a youtube channel and puts out some really great and regular content. A former student and now friend of mine turned me onto his material and his channel is growing. Langley's videos are short, to the point, and my personal favorite, he cites all his sources. Braden is a content creator but is not afraid to share the credit where credit is due.

On March 29, 2021, Langley put out a video: "Biden's Gun Control Executive "Order" or "Actions"?... We may be getting played here..."

In it he goes into detail about the fancy wordplay that is going on concerning the executive measures that the Biden Administration may or may not take. I'm just using the phrase executive measures to include the White House's cache of executive actions versus executive orders. .....


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