MN Turns Down CCW Application -
Violation of ADA?

Image from Carey McWilliams, by permission

By Dean Weingarten. May 20, 2021

Carey McWilliams is a gun owner, a successful small and big game hunter, with concealed carry permits for 20 years. He has been turned down for a Minnesota permit because he is blind. He has applied for a second time.

It is blatant discrimination based on a disability. It probably violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The initial thought of blind people carrying firearms causes many to do a double-take. Consider the concept more closely and you will see it makes perfect sense. Blind people do not give up their rights simply because they are blind.

Many states do not discriminate against blind people who apply for concealed carry permits. If there are states which discriminate against blind people who apply to simply own a firearm, they are few and poorly documented.

It is every American's right to keep and bear arms, as affirmed by the Second Amendment and numerous state constitutional amendments.

Carey has written books on how the blind can safely use firearms.

Everyone has limitations on how effectively and safely they can utilize weapons for self defense, hunting, or recreation. Some people cannot hold a weapon very steadily. Some cannot handle recoil. Some cannot hear well. Some do not have fast reaction times.

Some people cannot see. That does not mean they cannot use a firearm for self defense. .....

"All of us have limitations of one kind or another, be they physical, such as sight, hearing (many shooters), strength, agility, or reaction time; or mental such as memory, quickness of thought, speech, or emotional or rational intelligence. All these limitations can be overcome."


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