Columbia Journalism Review Abandons
Neutrality and Adopts 'Gun-Control' Advocacy

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By Alan Korwin. May 26, 2021
Editor, The JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel

From The Daily Caller :

Columbia Journalism Review recently conducted a “summit” to finally resolve problems with news coverage of gun violence, seeking to end what it claims are distorted and misleading stories of this deadly subject. Every advocacy group in America, including Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, wants this to happen. Is gun-control advocacy a proper role for CJR?

CJR invited grand members of the media, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian (U.K.) prestigious reporters and editors, and less well known outfits such as The Trace. Through some inexplicable oversight, they forgot to include any members of the firearms industry itself. Balance—all sides of an issue—has always been recognized as a requirement of sound journalism by The Society of Professional Journalists, CJR and the others involved, including news consumers. What happened?

The attempt to understand gun violence by only involving anti-gun advocates as CJR has done is like trying to understand women by only speaking with men.

That a formerly prestigious media institution like Columbia Journalism Review, in conjunction with the century-old Society of Professional Journalists, would act in such a total vacuum defines in a moment a main problem with the approach taken and the results obtained. Journalists should know better. What did they miss? .....

(The full article can also be found archived on JPFO)


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