Grassroots Update – June 14, 2021

By Tanya Metaksa. June 14, 2021

What's New—Biden-Harris Administration:
Please comment on BATFE's proposed two new rules on "Frames & Receivers" and on "Stabilizing Braces" now awaiting public comment:
Colorado: the legislature adjourned but three anti-gun bills are awaiting Gov. Jared Polis' consideration;
Connecticut: the legislature adjourned but HB6355, expanding ex parte communications for gun confiscation is before Gov. Ned Lamond;
Louisiana: write Gov. Edwards to sign SB118, constitutional carry:
Maine: 3 bills defeated in the House;
Missouri: Gov. Mike Parsons signed HB85;
Nevada: Gov. Steve Sisolak signed AB286;
Texas: Gov. Greg Abbott has signed 4 of the 11 pro-gun bills passed by the legislature;
Judicial: Franklin Armory v. California DOJ: the case can continue to trial;
Miller v. Bonta: The state of CA has filed an emergency order to stay enforcement of Judge Benitez's ruling:
Goldstein v. Earnest: a case against Smith & Wesson and San Diego guns.

Biden-Harris Administration

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

BATFE Director nomination: David Chipman was scrutinized by several Republican Senators during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Two articles by Editor Dave Workman Here and Here. Stephen Gutowski also covered the hearing on Most of the mainstream media covered Chipman in a positive manner. The vote on David Chipman to become Director of the BATFE will be close, your Senators must hear from you.

Since BATFE has published proposed regulations within weeks of each other, the method of making one's voice hear is the same. Just be sure to include which regulation you are writing about: "Frame or Receiver" or "Stabilizing Braces." Every gun owner is encouraged to submit comments: Through the Federal eRulemaking Portal on the internet: By fax: 202-648-9741. By U.S Postal mail: .....

This report effectively updates the previous one of 6/1/21. It again includes a lengthy list of situations state by state, some of which may well be in a state of flux.


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