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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • July 20, 2021  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Gun rights back at U.S. Supreme Court—


Civil rights group files amicus brief with U.S. Sup. Ct.

Every American has a Second Amendment right to self-defense, which is at the heart of an amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, supporting a challenge of New York State concealed carry laws by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

JPFO is joined by the DC Project Foundation and Operation Blazing Sword—Pink Pistols. The brief was prepared by attorneys Charles R. Flores and Daniel N. Nightingale, Beck Redden LLP in Houston, Texas.

Jews, Blacks, Gays, Women and other victims of hatred are under increased threats, making them more vulnerable, JPFO contends.

"Whatever arguments may be made or invented for gender equality, men are at virtually no risk for rape. Police are incapable—and it is settled law that they are not even legally required—to act in defense of any individual," said Alan Korwin, author and spokesperson for the organization. "When seconds count, citizens are on their own. The Supreme Court must act on behalf of the people, and remove New York's unconstitutional ban on our right to bear arms for personal safety," he said.

With calls for defunding the police rampant—and acted upon in some segments of society—the need for an unfettered ability to act in self-defense has become paramount, the organization said. This is one key element of the amicus brief filed today by JPFO. Both the Heller and McDonald decisions recognized the need for arms to defend "homes, families or themselves," (referring specifically to Blacks), which was "widely held." In McDonald the need for women is emphasized since they are "especially vulnerable to violent crime." The LGBTQ community is disproportionately affected by violent crime, more than four times more likely and rising. Extensive statistics are backed up with citations and deep research included in the brief.

Requiring people to be defenseless is, in JPFO's opinion, indefensible, violating not only the Constitution, human rights and common sense, but the Torah itself. So-called "gun-control" legislation exacerbates the problem.

"New York pretends its police can meet the need, but this is fantasy and goes against legal precedent," JPFO said. "The New York law, which requires 'proper cause' to receive the nearly impossible-to-get carry permit, denies decent citizens the right to defend life, liberty and their constitutional rights, in an arbitrary and capricious manner. People of color, LGBTQ and religious groups face particular risk. The standards New York applies are unreasonable, designed to deny rights, not to protect citizens."

To New York, even "a showing of extraordinary personal danger, documented by proof of recurrent threats to life or safety" (their unreasonable standard) gets turned down, JPFO said. That state believes you have no rights. This long standing unconstitutional and lethal affront must be overturned.


“Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is America’s most aggressive civil-rights organization, dedicated to destroying the notion of 'gun control' as any kind of credible public-policy position. So-called 'gun control' does not control guns and doesn’t control criminal behavior. What it does is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact. Founded in 1989 by Aaron Zelman as a response to the Holocaust, JPFO speaks with the moral authority and tenacious commitment of survivors of persecution, and knows that surrendering your personal and family safety to government protection courts disaster. You don’t have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty.”

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