Is the UN Arms Treaty
Dead - or Not?

By Miguel A. Faria, Jr, MD. Nov 12, 2021

The truth is the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT; formally the UN Small Arms Treaty) has failed to materialize because the negotiators have not been capable of reaching a consensus, but as Gun Owners of America (GOA) stated years ago, “It would be a mistake to believe that it spells the end of the effort to regulate small arms worldwide.”

GOA is correct. The Seventh Conference of the ATT will again reconvene August 30-September 3, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty for the U.S. in 2013. But then, Obama’s 'gun control' agenda floundered in his second term, when in 2014 the Republicans gained 13 new U.S. House seats and regained the majority in the U.S. Senate.

President Trump was elected in 2016 and speaking at the National Rifle Association meeting on April 26, 2019, informed NRA members that he would un-sign the treaty. President Trump kept this promise and on July 18, 2019, notified the UN that the U.S. had terminated its legal obligations to the Treaty.

In short, for years the UN has been trying to formalize a global, civilian disarmament measure with this Arms Trade Treaty and circumventing the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The UN has trampled on and dictated national policy to other sovereign nations in environmental, criminal, and even global tax issues — so why not, the globalist elite ask themselves, try again and enforce universal 'gun control' and include America? The fact of the matter is that the struggle to preserve the right to civilian gun ownership worldwide, including in the U.S., is an ongoing effort, and elitist, globalist organizations are bent on disarming and controlling citizens so as to make their one-world-government dream (and our nightmare) a living reality.

Since the Democrats in 2021 are still pushing for ratification of the Treaty and 'gun control' remains on their agenda, Biden will likely re-sign this authoritarian UN Treaty in the next few months. .....

It has to be hoped that the U.S., which is seemingly going all out against firearms under the Biden administration does not discard American rights and freedoms, which are already becoming fragile enough as it is.


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