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By DRGO. Nov 17, 2021

[Ed: These excerpts from Personal Defense World
come to DRGO courtesy of SCOPE-NY’s Richard Rossi.]

Some facts that will never see daylight in our National News Media or Social Network sites:

United States Court of Appeals – Fourth Circuit district.
Ruled that 18-to-20-year old’s have the same Second Amendment rights to purchase handguns as older Americans do. Judge Julie Richardson wrote; “when do Constitutional rights vest? Our nation’s most cherished constitutional rights vest no later than 18. And the 2nd Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is no different”.

Federal Court Overturns Draconian Under 21 Handgun Ban – Personal Defense World

Study: High Gun Sales Didn’t Cause Rise in Violence.
Despite the anti-gun advocates claim that violence will rise with gun sales. From the study by the Journal of Injury Epidemiology: “Results suggest much of the rise in firearm violence during our study period was attributed to other factors, indicating a need for additional research.”

Anti-Gun Researchers Find Rising Violence NOT Linked to High Gun Sales – Personal Defense World

Record Year for Constitutional Carry.
This year America has added five additional (Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and Utah) states to the list of states that have Constitutional Carry laws. Actual 5 new states in one year is quite a remarkable feat. What caused the number of “permitless” carry states to jump by nearly ‘one-third in a single year? ... .....


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