'Gun Control' Support Drops
to Lowest Level Since 2014

By Dave Workman. Nov 19, 2021

A new Gallup poll shows support for stricter 'gun control' has dropped five percentage points to the lowest level it has been since 2014, and a separate Gallup survey shows far more people own guns for personal protection against crime, a revelation that doesn't surprise one of the nation's leading gun rights advocates.

According to Gallup, support for stricter gun laws has declined to 52 percent, while 35 percent of U.S. adults believe current laws "covering the sale of firearms should be kept as they are now." Eleven percent want fewer gun laws. Back in 1990, according to the polling company, "when the nation's crime rate was high…a record 78% of Americans supported stricter laws for gun sales."

The other Gallup survey shows a whopping 88 percent of gun owners saying personal protection from crime is the reason they own firearms. That's up from 67 percent who said they had guns for self-defense in 2005.

The sharp increase in gun owners for personal protection at the same time support for tougher 'gun control' laws makes perfect sense to Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a national grassroots gun rights organization.

"The reason for less support for 'gun control' and more for gun rights simple," Gottlieb told AmmoLand News via email. "The rise in violent crime, less police and Democrat overreach on gun policy threatens the safety of Americans, and they get it." .....

"With murder rates on the upswing, a growing majority of American adults—based on the Gallup data—are taking a different approach to crime and personal safety, relying on themselves rather than depending upon police to defend themselves, their families and their homes.


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