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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • Nov 22, 2021  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Even clean self defense puts you in dire jeopardy—


The only reasons for tension were outright lies by woke left

Acquitted on all counts—so he gets vilified by leftists and "news" media

   Too much happened for just another news release. How about a list:

  • The court system worked, video-obvious self-defense was exonerated properly
  • Leftist-led jury intimidation should be prosecuted, including "officials"
  • NOTE: Even with clear evidence of self-defense, you are very much on the line
  • If not for multiple dispositive videos Kyle likely would have been railroaded
  • Leftist reactions for months, and afterwards, exhibit derangement syndrome
  • Mass media has again proven itself a biased, prejudicial propaganda source
  • Reporting shows media hates guns, gun owners and even righteous defense of life
  • No one expects corrections for countless egregious mass-media errors
  • Everyone who cried guilt before the unanimous trial verdict should be ashamed
  • We the People got to see just how bad prosecutors can be, reprehensible
  • City riots were already on, leftists ran them, not Kyle, this is now clear
  • Claims of vigilantism, mass shooting, proven false—borne of media-fueled hysteria
  • A convicted felony child molester, out of jail, shot just before committing murder, is now hailed as hero and victim by media and leftists, this is crazythink.
  • If Kyle had not acted he'd be dead, no show trial, that must count for something
  • Judge advised court not to call the perps and rioters victims, a very good call
  • Gunfire in self defense is vindicated once again (14 cases OK'd by U.S. Supreme Court)
  • A dead criminal, shot in self defense by an innocent person, is not a victim, despite numerous almost uniform reporting otherwise by media in most cases
  • The left are still calling racism, with no ethnic element involved, that's deranged
  • So-called "news" stations keep spinning out of control, immune to reality, justice
  • Biden labeled this young man a white supremacist, clear slander, can he be sued?
  • Lawsuits should fall like rain against the slanderers, libelers, character assassins
  • Lawsuits needed to help tame the movement to destroy reputations shamelessly


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