'Gun Buybacks' Proof that Desperate
'Authorities' Need Scapegoats

By David Codrea. Nov 25, 2021

"As city of Poughkeepsie officials continue to grapple with a rash of gun violence, and city school district leaders deal with the implications of a shooting incident outside its high school, a second gun buyback event through the Attorney General's Office in less than six months is scheduled in the city for the beginning of next month," the Poughkeepsie Journal dutifully promotes. "Letitia James' office is holding the event, in association with the city police department, Dec. 4…"

There is so much denial, hypocrisy, and outright public endangerment to unpack in such events, it's difficult to know where to begin. We could start with the question gun owners have been asking for years: "How can government buy back something it never owned?"

We could find it curious, but not unexpected, that Letitia James is taking a short break from trying to forcibly steal association assets away from NRA members not responsible for the accused misdeeds of "leadership." She's just grabbing some quick publicity for herself to make it look like she's part of the solution to community violence instead of a big reason behind why the problems will only get worse under the policies she imposes.

We could also note that the Poughkeepsie Journal is "part of the USA Today Network" (a Gannett Publication), and note the media giant has never come across a gun it didn't want to help grab. So it's no surprise that, instead of presenting a complete report that covers all of the relevant considerations, it instead subjects its low-information, manipulable readership with what is essentially a publicity release and free advertising for the violence monopolists.

"Participants can trade in as many guns as they wish," they obligingly parrot. .....

"A convenient ploy used by all of them is to pin the blame on straw men rather than where it belongs, so it's because of guns, or "systemic racism," or anything else that is politically expedient to fault rather than on actual perpetrators of violence."


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